Day by Day in Autumn

November 4th, 2009

The leaves are falling, drifting, blowing, gathering…  I love watching them drift from the trees.   I’m going to make a great big leaf pile this week.   One that we can get lost in… I just love the earthy smell of being buried in leaves.  But the ground is too damp still… so another day or two of this glorious sunshine will make it perfect.

Great masses of leaves are also falling into the pond.  They blow up and down from east to west with the wind, and gather in bunches. After a really windy day they seem to disappear, sinking to the depths to become part of the submerged detritus, slowly decomposing, and furnishing homes to frogs, turtles and other critters.  I’m always amazed that the pond doesn’t fill up with the leaves!


This week is a scramble to enjoy the weather while finishing projects.  Today I’m finishing digging and pouring a footer for the retaining wall for the shed, and with luck may actually start building it by this weekend.  At the rate I’m going, I may be able to use it by New Year’s.   A forthcoming post:  “Seasons of Memories:  You Too Can Build a Shed in Three Months!”

7 Responses to “Day by Day in Autumn”

  1. It always feels like fall is a race with the weather to get those last few projects in…unfortunately in my case the weather usually wins!

  2. You mean you don’t skim the leaves out of the pond? Don’t you know they sink to bottom and decompose into methane gas which is responsible for global climate change?

    Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.

  3. Ed

    I’ve been taking half days of vacation this week to enjoy the weather. Haven’t thought about raking leaves yet because the winds are still taking my leaves and redistributing them to other lawns and sadly bring other’s leaves to mine. In this case, I would much rather give than to receive!

  4. the trees are only bare, only the oaks are holding on to their leaves and they are ugly as the leaves have gone from red to a faded brown… enjoy the season and good luck at getting your project built before winter, right now the project closest to my heart isn’t looking like it’s going to be closed in before spring!

  5. Vincent

    After the change of the hour, I cannot get over the feeling of being cheated.
    Your day is that little bit longer than ours at this time of year, being about 10 degrees further south. But I suspect you have that feeling also.
    I cannot see how it would ever matter to farmers, well that was the excuse trotted out each year anyway. I really do not see why they do not leave the time alone.-Sorry ’bout the whiney moan.

    Oh, if your pond is large enough and with a good volume of water, the leaves will help to keep it clean and clear, I quite honestly forget why exactly. But it does.

  6. Kim- It is a race! While trying to enjoy the season… if we don’t finish, that’s okay! :)
    Randall- Terrible! I do watch the gas bubbles rise to the surface, especially in summer as the turtles and koi rumage around on the bottom. Add us to the list with cows… I have often wondered how one could get those leaves out of the pond- over the course of a few decades I imagine it becomes more and more shallow!
    Ed- That’s a grand approach, at least until the winds change! It’s fun to watch them blow around…
    Sage- These precious days of balmy temperatures are just right… if only they would last! Hope you get yours done too…
    Vincent- I know what you mean… it seems night comes far too quickly now. Over here there were some reasons cited for producitivity increases?! Seems like meddling to me too! You’re absolutely right about the leaves and the pond- I’ve read the same thing in terms of filtration and balance. This pond has a good watershed and probably a spring or two, and is about 1.5 acres, or just more than half a hectare.

  7. pamela

    I have days of leaf raking on my schedule, which I’ll hopefully accomplish this week. For now I’m enjoying the show my neighbor puts on every year. He has one tree…one. I have a kazillion, so he knows those leaves aren’t his. Daily he takes his monstrous leaf blower and sends the bonus leaves back to the edge of my yard.
    He’s a great neighbor,so I really shouldn’t enjoy the show so much.

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