Life and Thankful Days

November 25th, 2009

Sometimes life gets a hold of you and finding a little extra time is a challenge.   The past week has been like that- busy, fun, challenging, frustrating, and full of surprises.  Finally had a chance to have that old truck fixed with a few of its own surprises along the way, but in the end it’s working like an old truck should.   Then the young boy picked up something from somewhere that stuck with him for the past four days… he stayed home from school with coughing, fever and generally not having the best time.  I served as waiter, librarian, pet feeder and chief bottle washer in between cleaning the kitchen, garage and other odd bits.  Thankfully he’s on the mend, but we’ll have a quiet day at home tomorrow instead of our traditional visit with relatives.  Just what the doctor ordered as they say.

He’s a bit more enthusiastic here in a picture from last weekend, and loved walking on top of the block wall.   It’s a strange sight when nothing was there before!


It’s going to get stranger… last weekend I had some professional help with the shed project from my brother.  He’s a carpenter, a builder, and a really creative guy with tools in his hands.  We managed to get the floor, siding and walls put together which was an enormous help.  He has a way of seeing a set of plans and finding ways to make them better.   We probably should have taken some detailed shed plans, and made something incredible.  In hindsight, I would start with more formal plans before undertaking this.  Yet we did okay, except that I somehow managed to be a bit off on my floor measurements, and drifted inward by nearly an inch on the sides of the concrete base wall!

I couldn’t believe it… I planned the concrete block wall for a snug fit around the shed to prevent leaves and such from falling along the siding, but my guides were off a bit somehow.  So it’s a tight squeeze at the front of the shed, but in the end everything should fit just fine.


Since then I’ve made progress with the trusses, supports and trim.  If all goes well I may have a roof in a couple of days!   It’s not a big shed by any means, but already I can see that it’s going to offer great utility for storage and workspace.  If I can beat the cold and rain over the next week it may be ready to go.


Of couse there’s always something else, and last night the icemaker in the freezer decided to leak.  It was late and I thought a few towels and an empty bowl would hold the line for the night, but nooooo!   This morning we awoke to a huge frozen waterfall and a steady “drip, drip, drip.”   Seems that the ice maker clogged up, or became plugged with ice backing up the water line.  That blocked the water valve to the open position leading to the unwanted ice sculputure.   Fortunately we’ve got a chest freezer in the basement that could hold the frozen food while fixing the refrigerator.

After melting the ice mess, the entire refrigerator didn’t seem to want to cool down- I had visions of wolfing down a hodge podge of food before it all spoiled!  The weather has been so nice that it wouldn’t help to put things outside at night.  That’s something nice about winter -you can put a pot of soup or stew outside to keep fresh.  But with a few hours of time and disconnecting/reconnecting the fridge, it finally began cooling down.  Somehow it seems like I was lost in a void during those hours, like much of the past week.

We do have so much to be thankful for however, not the least of which is having food to eat, a warm home and the time to be with family.  And too, we wish another brother well, far from home across the world.  It’s just another day really, but one we set aside to remember the abundance in our lives and our way of life.  I hope you have a good day, without too many surprises, a good Thanksgiving and a wonderful week.   I’ve still got to get a pumpkin pie from somewhere!

8 Responses to “Life and Thankful Days”

  1. Greetings, Beau! Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family! Your building looks great..and by the way…my icemaker is acting crazy this week too. What is it with gadgets breaking down during holiday weeks? I would love to have an outdoor building…something to hold my yard tools and beekeeping equipment — all of it stored in my garage now — its so packed, I couldn’t get a Yugo in my garage if I tried, haha! Keep up the good work and enjoy your holidays!

  2. Vincent

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of yours. In the US is this day more important than the 4th of July.
    Congrats on the shed rising. God bless all who sail in her.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Beau! and hopefully no surprises for a while!

  4. Ed

    The shed’s looking good.

    You have to love those little crisis that pop up now and then and keep us on our toes.

  5. Mark- Hope your week has gone well, and your bees too. Mine are struggling it seems, but I’ve got my fingers crossed. Fed them a little today, but cold weather’s coming! Trying to get the shed finished…:)
    Vincent- Thanks too! I had to think a bit… it is perhaps our oldest tradition, hence holiday, but not any more important. It is a wonderful day for its own sake :) And thanks for your kind good wishes!
    Annie- Thanks too… and yes :)
    Ed- So true… what would life be like otherwise?!

  6. My kids had that gunk about two months ago. It’s better than the alternative, though bad enough.

    I trust your holiday went well at home.


  7. Oh you shed is coming along wonderfully! I love to watch a work in progress (especially when it someone else doing the work, lol!)

    Glad you frig is working, being without even for a few house makes you realize how much we depend on modern technology. kim

  8. Wow! Great work! You have made great progress…you’ll be finishing it up very soon this summer if your projects go like mine!

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