Raising the Roof and the Moon

December 2nd, 2009

Ladders are simply wonderful tools.  As long as you can move them around a bit.


Yes, I really did that… I didn’t even bend a nail!

What a week and weekend… Thanksgiving was a really nice day, and the food was wonderful.  Had to keep the weight off, so I worked outside on the “everlasting shed project”  (sort of like Willy Wonka’s ever-lasting gobstoppers).   There’s nothing like a table full of delicious food on a holiday!  I’m getting hungry again…


We’ve been stretching those leftovers and it keeps getting better.   But yesterday was our last sunny, mild day for awhile… the cold is coming!  Maybe really cold with an arctic cold front dropping towards us.   We’ve been so fortunate- I think the news said this is the latest we’ve ever gone in the year without a hard freeze.  That was just fine for me and sure helped with getting the building up.   This was a few days ago getting the drip edge and the roofing felt laid down.


Yesterday I ran out early to try and finish the big stuff.   Which brings to mind another group of folks to appreciate more… roofers!  Shingles are messy, heavy, scratchy, and brittle when it’s not warm enough outside.  But somehow I’ll bet it was easier now than it would have been in August.   You also get to cut a bunch of them to fit along the way.   The ridgetop shingles are cut with a wedge, then layered on top of each other with nails and roofing cement to help them stay put.


While I was putting a few nails in the other day I was summoned to the house.  “Just a minute…!” I say, to which the boy replies that I’m supposed to come a little more quickly.   Seems that an uninvited guest was living on the sun porch.  Can you see it?


We get one or two reptile visitors in the house during the year it seems.  This guy is either a young Great Plains Ratsnake or a Prairie Kingsnake- I need to take a closer look.  He’s sleeping in a jar in the boy’s room for now… we can’t let him go until we get a warmish day again.

The past couple of days I was a tarry, sticky mess making sure everything was laying down properly with those shingles.  But its been a fun process… with a huge learning curve.  Except for the fact that I kept forgetting things after climbing up the ladder to the roof.  Up, down… up, down… It’s only 11 feet to the top in back, but nearly 15 feet high at the front. Seems a lot higher when you’re wobbling around on your feet and knees.  I can’t imagine how some of those roofers do those 30 foot gabled roofs.  That said, I’ve been having a grand ‘ole time and enjoyed the view from the top.

I spent a little extra time today looking at other plans for sheds… and I realize I could have done this from scratch with a little more forethought.  The designs they have at My Shed Plans are very nice… maybe that will be for next time.


Today I finally finished with the shingles and a ridge vent.  Then it was time to set a couple of small windows and the doors.  The boy came home from school and helped hold them in place for me.  It was great to have his help after he was out sick for a week.

As the sun fell below the horizon we were finishing up, and then the most beautiful sight appeared with the nearly full moon rising in the east.    Perhaps a good omen on wrapping up the big stuff, but it was fun to see the moon through the trees.  Later we saw the most beautiful halo around the moon- it must have taken up half the sky.


Lots of trim and finish to do on the little building, but I’m glad it’s mostly weatherproof now.  Bring on the rain and snow!  Okay, not really :)  Maybe a little snow…   As it is I’ve got a garage fillled with beekeeping equipment that needs a home.  The shed doesn’t look very big, but it feels like a mansion inside.

Well Happy December everyone- time to get those decorations up.  I’ve been slow-posting lately, but as winter sets in I hope to get back in the swing of things.   Hmmm… maybe I can graduate to a bigger building one day :)

16 Responses to “Raising the Roof and the Moon”

  1. That top photo is a classic!

  2. R. Sherman

    Ditto to Pablo.

    The finished product looks great, though. I bet you can’t wait to start on another, bigger building!


  3. Ed

    I’m glad you got your ladder back eventually as evidenced in a later photo. Although I haven’t done that with a latter, I know I drywalled in a pry bar o two, a tape measure and at least a couple utility knives. I’ve probably found as many things during demo over the years. It all comes out in the end but had you left that ladder, some future resident might have been very excited to find it!

  4. Beau: Your building looks great! Nice job! I wish I had carpentry skills because I seriously need a building too. My garage looks like a huge junk room, and all of my beekeeping equipment is stacked in my utility room. Yes, I see a nice outdoor utility building in my future…when I don’t know…but I do see one. By the way — the Thanksgiving feast — looks GREAT! My compliments to the chef that prepared the turkey! Nice. Talk soon! Mark

  5. Vincent

    I looked and looked and I cannot find your snake. And your shed is lovely indeed.
    And what did you put on the bird to get that sun-burned look.

  6. Nothing like a built in ladder!

    It has been mild, but the cold is coming tonight they say. We have had a few days of clear skies–the moon was beautiful last night and this morning when I left the house at 6, it was shining through the bare branches of my neighbor’s oak tree.

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  8. looks great! you ought to be proud. i’ve done some similar things like with the ladder but since I’m supposed to be a tradesperson, I’m too embarrassed to go into details! just know you ain’t the first! lol!

  9. Pablo- I was so engrossed in lining things up, I didn’t even notice it. Gave me quite a start and then a good chuckle when I went to take the ladder somewhere else…
    Randall- I’ve got some work to do still… but you’re right, having a project to dig your hands into is pretty cool.
    Ed- I never thought about leaving things attached, behind drywall, etc until you mentioned it! Must be neat to discover other things from work of the past.
    Mark- Thanks! Hey, I’m no carpenter… really almost anyone can do this stuff with a little time. Carrying the 4×8 plywood sheets up the ladder to the roof wasn’t fun, and would be easier with a little help, especially at the outset as I had with my brother. If you have the space a small shed kit would go a long ways to cleaning out that garage!
    Vincent- That snake is slightly left and below the middle of the picture; Brown bands on its back. Just a glimpse in the weeds so to speak. Oh, and here we “baste” our turkeys while they’re cooking. A little oil on the skin at the beginning of roasting, and then we open the oven every 30 minutes or so, and use a “turkey baster” to dribble the cooking juices all over the back, sides and legs. With time it helps turn the skin a golden brown, usually crispy! Some folks place herbs on top or beneath the skin as well.
    Sage- Yep, the cold came last night for sure. I always love seeing the moon before bed and then waking up again in the morning!
    Annie- Ah, secrets of the trades huh?! There must be some funny stories out there. Thanks :)

  10. Vincent

    Thanks Beau. Spotted !.

  11. whenever i see roofers working in august, i get the vapors. seriously, how hot must it be? poor guys.

    i love that you have a little snake visitor. where would we be without snakes and bats and spiders and bees?

  12. Hey! Well done on the shed! It looks really great!

  13. Chook- I don’t know how they do it either! I’m with you on the critters.
    Warren- Thanks!

  14. I have an eternal shed too, but you got yours finished and mined just sits there. One of my sons got the walls up and dried it in then got VERY ill and couldn’t finish. I keep trying to bet things done, but since I developed a neuropathy, my balance is shot, and my wife has a hissi every time she sees me (or even thinks of me) on a ladder. Hopefully I’ll get mine done sometime.

  15. What a great building…those doors rock! Hope you enjoy and fill it with all kinds of wonderful thing! Kim

  16. Richard- Oh I wish it could be finished for you. And no, you don’t need to be up on any ladders! Wouldn’t take much if you could get the roof finished. Maybe stopping by a local home depot, or lumber yard could give you someone’s name that could help?
    Kim- Thanks… we’ll see how wonderful, just the extra space will be a start!

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