Bundle up for the Cold

December 8th, 2009

Lots of rain and cold today… it was cleanup time in the barn with the woodstove going.  Looks like lots of snow for those of you west and north of us, but also very high winds.  Tomorrow the temperatures are going to drop to just above, or below zero degrees for us. Much colder for you folks up north I’ll bet!   With high winds of 30-45 mph the windchill factor will be downright dangerous.   Last month I made sure everything is winterized and put away, hoses disconnected, etc, but it’s worth thinking about things again before that kind of cold.  Pets and animals need a second look as well to make sure they can keep warm.  When it gets this cold we bring our outside dogs in the garage, even though they have nice little dog houses and cedar bedding.  The heavy coated Shiba Inu would be fine, but it gives them a break.   Somehow it feels like January’s going to be snowy…

The boy and I cut a cedar tree for his Grandma the other day.  It was fun looking for just the right one…  we found it at sunset near the pond (I forgot to take a picture!).  We’re debating whether we’ll cut our own cedar this year, or head to our traditional tree farm.  

We were not far from a straggly old scotch pine that was planted years ago.  How this pine tree has held on for so many years amazes me… every year a buck comes by and ravages the thing, usually killing a branch or two.  I’ve tried to help it out, but as you can see from the damage, it took a real beating this year from one of our antlered friends.    Oh, and the yellow lab was pouting because I wouldn’t let him in the water!


I just remembered that I haven’t put a bird feeder up yet!  Just haven’t made time to pick up some bird seed, so maybe tomorrow will be the day.   I’m curious to see if the squirrels will raid our feeders or not.  Historically we haven’t had very many closer to the house, probably due to the dogs wandering around.   But this fall there’s a population of nearly a dozen gray and red fox squirrels that have taken up residence in the oak trees around the house and barn.  They’ve practically taken over the place so it should be interesting.  

 Stay warm out there this week and take an extra blanket in the car!

6 Responses to “Bundle up for the Cold”

  1. it’s been so cold here i decided to put up some suet for the birds. then when i cleaned out the bird feeder from this summer, i discovered little plants growing inside of it. yuk!

  2. R. Sherman

    The wind woke me up this morning. I’m hoping my shingles hold out, as I’m on an open ridge top and the northerlies tend to flow up and over my roof creating a honkus airfoil. Rare is the windstorm that doesn’t result in my losing a few tiles off the roof.


  3. You’ve seen what I do to protect my pines, with only middling success.

    I filled the backyard feeders last night at dusk, and almost instantly a chorus went up in all directions from cardinals I couldn’t see. I’m sure they need the seed today.

    We didn’t get even an inch of snow, but we sure got the cold!

  4. Ed

    I was loading up the vehicle in a suburb of Atlanta on Monday morning for the leisurely two or three day drive back to Iowa when I got the news. I ended up driving the next 14 hours and only just beat the storm to my house. I’m glad because it is miserable outside with 12 inches of snow and a howling wind of 50 mph! The plow threw chunks of ice covered snow the size of boulders across the end of my drive that I had to break up before my back could move them!

  5. Chook- Oh that’s funny- I just pulled mine out of the barn and it wasn’t pretty either!
    Randall- I wondered if that shed was going to blow over! That must be a high, windy roof and no fun to have them replaced.
    Pablo- I’m surprised you didn’t get the snow, but it sure is cold out there. I didn’t get the feeder up yet (couldn’t find the metal pipe holder in the frozen ground!). I’m going to wrap a few more trees next year… on one this year I tied a white plastic bag. Didn’t look very good, but they left it alone after I did that.
    Ed- Wow, I’m glad you made it back! 12 inches of snow… and 50 mph winds… sounds like a blizzard for sure. Hope you can relax by a fire at some point :)

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