Winter’s Coming Soon

December 17th, 2009

The days have darkened early, the clouds and cold are here.
The ground is nearly frozen, and it’s the holidays we cheer.
The sky is filled with color, and the wind plays its soulful tune-
The trees are bare and the forest owl stares as if to say, “Winter’s coming soon!”

© 1998 L.O’Black


I watched an owl yesterday high on a tree branch near the pond.  It stared at me, then turned around and flew down toward the base of a tree.  A squirrel darted away at the last minute, and the owl changed course, flying across the pond to another tree, watching, waiting…

6 Responses to “Winter’s Coming Soon”

  1. Vincent

    The skies are magnificent at this time of year. The Japanese call each change of them a little death as you will never see them again. There are other connotations of the phrase but they do not have that same contemplative meaning.
    Have a happy Christmas. Yours, Vincent

  2. I love the winter sky at daybreak and sunset–the long shadows, the steel colored skies, the bare trees… A favorite time of the year

  3. R. Sherman

    Beautiful sunrise a few days ago — a classic winter morning sky. I only wish I’d had a camera. BTW, this entry sounds vaguely “Robert Frost”-like.


  4. Beautiful picture! Is that the owl sitting in that one tree in the left center of the bank?

  5. Vincent- I seem to remember that now, perhaps with poetry too? I like that contemplative aspect. Thank you, and Merry Christmas to you also!
    Sage- It is a remarkable time of year, isn’t it?
    Randall- It was… we were looking for cameras while trying to get to school… I broke one of my rules, I hurried first and lost the moment!
    Eutychus- Thanks! … I’d like to think so :) (I took this one a couple days prior, but it’s just about the same view, I broke another rule that morning… I forgot my camera!).

  6. Great pic, Beau! I just posted some new pictures of the great snowfall of December, 2009. I had some casualties of this cold weather, but I also saw the cluster while cleaning dead bees from behind the entrance reducer — and even had to dodge a guard bee who wasn’t pleased with my prodding around, lol. Winter is definitely here!

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