Winter Mix of Shadow and Light

January 14th, 2010


My goodness the days are flying by.  The snow on the pond was beautiful yesterday with the shadows of the trees. And there were many animal tracks near the pond’s edge, with a few tracks heading out across the ice. The mysteries of the night…


Yesterday we enjoyed almost fifty degree weather finally, and the snow has almost finished melting. Gave me a chance to catch up on splitting wood, running a few engines and chasing the mice out of the barn.  These are the remaining oak and hickory rounds from trees cut up in summer.  They don’t look like it, but the wood should be fairly dry and will provide enough heat to get us through winter.  I didn’t expect to use so much so quickly this season.


That subzero weather last week really did a number on a few things, not the least of which is my 16 year old truck. Seems the clutch fluid must have moisture in it because the clutch froze in place and I couldn’t drive it. Maybe ice on the cables… anyway I’ll top it off today and since we’ll see 40+ F degree weather again I’m hoping it works normally.   One morning we awoke to a beautiful scene of ice crystals on the trees and shrubs.  I love how the light shimmers through the branches.


I am worried about the bees however… I didn’t see them flying around yesterday which I would have expected. Usually after an extended cold period they will be out and about briefly with temperatures above 40 degrees F.   It wasn’t warm that long yesterday however, so maybe they’re still clustered up?   I won’t open the hive unless it’s warm for a few days in a row, and we’ve still got freezing night temps.  From now through March is the difficult time of year for the bees when they really depend on stored honey.  When it’s super cold they go through those stores faster… and you can’t really feed them until it warms up a little. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Driving home at dusk the other day, the sunlight glowed beneath the clouds.


Our wintery landscape seems so far from the events taking place around the world, such as earthquakes and unrest.  Wish I could do more to help from so far away.  In a couple years when the boy is older I may be able to… for now our thoughts, prayers and donations can help in some way. 

Did you know you can use the American Red Cross’ TEXT2HELP program to donate from your cellphone here in the U.S.?   For specific Haiti-related donations, you can text HAITI to the number 90999 and it will donate $10 to the Red Cross to help with earthquake relief efforts.

Update: There’s many other organizations to help with Haiti disaster assistance, and other charitable efforts of course. Here’s a few more links to share:
The International Committee of the Red Cross
International Medical Corps
Catholic Relief Services
Save the Children
Direct Relief International
World Food Programme
World Vision
International Relief Teams
Yéle Haiti
Operation USA
World Concern
Mercy Corps
Operation Blessing International
Operation USA
Doctors Without Borders
Medical Teams International
The Salvation Army
American Red Cross

6 Responses to “Winter Mix of Shadow and Light”

  1. Vincent

    I’m a Médecins Sans Frontières man myself. For a number of years now I’m very careful about donations. The West very nearly destroyed Ceylon, causing more damage with uncontrolled helpfulness than the ‘quake surge had done. I like the Red Cross also but they tend not to go into Islamic areas.

  2. Beau: You pictures put me in a wintry mood even though we had a high of 53 degrees today. Warmer tomorrow and then colder this weekend. I love the shadows on the snow. What contrast. Hope you’re well!

  3. beautiful photos. I like the long shadows this time of the year and the steely skies at dawn and dusk. Good list of organization to help in Haiti.

  4. R. Sherman

    Great photos, as always, though I’m glad the cold snap finally broke for a while.

    As for Haiti, at least the “hate the military” types will shut up for a few days, while they watch the amphibs and C130s delivering all the aid. When will these people realize that the U.S. Navy is the only entity in the world than can deliver hope on such a massive scale?


  5. Ed

    I have also found that I don’t work well when it gets really cold and it is getting worse with age. Perhaps I am retaining more water too?

    Excellent pictures as always!

  6. Vincent- Yes and at least there are choices; I tend to look for administrative spending around 10% or less.
    Mark- We had a brief warm-up too! Alas my bees have not fared well this winter and I’m not sure they’re going to make it.
    Sage- Me too… although I confess that after a couple of warm days I’m ready for more!
    Randall- Great point; the navy helps in so many places as you’ve described, most not quite so visible!
    Ed- Ha! Okay, I’ll admit I’ve slowed down a bit too… of course your winters are a bit colder than ours :)

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