A Journey of Dreams and Inspiration

January 18th, 2010

It’s often amazing to read about what some people are doing with their lives. I have written of one such person in the past, and I find myself following her progress nearly every day.   Her name is Jessica Watson, and at 16years of age she is making the journey of a lifetime.  There has been much discussion or even amazement at how someone so young could be on such a journey at all.  But I don’t write this to entertain the “Why” or “Why not” of such a trek.

Today I’m simply offering a salute to a fellow adventurer on this great journey of our lives.  Sailing the world in a tiny 34 foot sailboat (see what it looks like from the top of the mast!), She has just in the past week accomplished an incredible feat of rounding Cape Horn single-handedly as part of her attempt at a sailing solo circumnavigation of the earth.   Just sense the excitement as she shares a little of her experience:


Her parents even made the journey from Australia to the Cape so they could fly over her sailboat in a plane. She is now journeying northeast past the Falkland Islands, continuing and only about half-way around the southern seas of our planet. 

One may reflect upon the challenges, strife and human suffering we see throughout the world… but does that diminish the triumph of the human spirit in a different context? As simply as one who reaches out to help others, I believe we can choose to embrace life and each new day as a chance to grow and achieve. We may see human effort and consequence in stark moral terms, and that is our privilege or failing, as the case may be. Sometimes however, others help frame the context of life in ways we may leverage to show us what is possible. To each their own.

For now a young woman has chosen this path for her life. I can find no fault in it… rather it seems to me quite empowering to reflect upon the opportunity and challenges that any of us may accept and accomplish, no matter how mundane or encompassing. She writes of her journey from the heart with such honesty… I find it inspiring, courageous, amazing and even a bit breathtaking to imagine it all. We wish you fair winds and safe passage, and… Godspeed Jessica!

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  1. R. Sherman

    I think one of the biggest problems with our society today is the unwillingness of the younger generation to step away from their comfort zones and move into the unknown, where they will be required to use nothing but their own wits and internal resources. Call it “Gen Y” or whatever, but this unwillingness to embrace responsibility winds up expressing itself in too many ways. As a consequence, seeing someone like Jessica do what she’s doing, (especially given that I assume the bulk of her trip was in the southern 40’s), knowing that she was one rogue wave away from disaster, is extraordinarily refreshing. (Not to mention the obvious exuberance in her voice on the video expressing joy in such a small thing.) It gives me hope for our collective future.

    Thanks for pointing this out.


  2. What a neat video and experience!

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