A Little Junco

January 27th, 2010

Helped a little Junco yesterday… he flew into the porch window and was laying on the ground stunned, nearly a little frozen meal for the cats.  Brought it in and warmed it up overnight.  In the morning it was flitting about… caught it in a butterfly net and carried it outside. Brrrr! The bird decided to stay in my hand.  I set it on a feeder and he/she just sat there looking around.  After a while I picked it up and set it on the ground for a bit, and it just sat there.  

So finally I picked it up again and said, “Look little guy, you’ve got to get going or something. I can’t feed you inside very well, and the cats will be around soon… so what’s it going to be?”


I laid it gently back on the ground and it flew up to my shoulder.  Sheesh!  So I waited for about five minutes with the wind blowing at 25 degrees… then it jumped on my finger. Once more I laid it on the ground, and this time it flew off about twenty yards. I walked toward it and it flew off again for a bit. Then once more and it flew off to some bushes… hooray! At least I hope so :)


By the way, Jessica Watson just went through a huge storm a few days ago with waves heavy enough to dump her sailboat over a few times. Sounds like it even went upside down with the mast under water for a bit. Can you imagine? A little damage, but otherwise she’s fine and on her way again. I need some of that spirit…

11 Responses to “A Little Junco”

  1. R. Sherman

    What? You didn’t regurgitate some worms for it? You heartless, heartless person!

    BTW, I cannot imagine suffering 4 knockdowns and being as chipper as she was in her subsequent storm post.


  2. Ed

    Perhaps it was a suicidal bird. ‘Tis the season.

  3. That bird is thinking that your hand is a lot warmer than the bushes! I can’t imagine the ride in that sailboat

  4. Randall- Ha… I did give it water which it drank! Someone mentioned I should have called this “A bird in the hand…”
    Ed- Animals do weird things sometimes…
    Sage- It was pretty cold our there, I think I shocked his system.

  5. Vincent

    Sorry a bit of topic,
    US air-traffic pushed the airport to 178% in Haiti, Well done.

  6. Vincent

    Controllers, should sit after the phrase US air-traffic.

  7. Vincent- Wow… that is interesting. I guess they brought in quite a few military controllers, and it has helped a bunch. Such a tragedy though- hopefully everything will make a difference.

  8. Vincent

    Yes, but the numbers are the designed/when built traffic thru-put at 100%. So actual capacity before the quake might have been as low as 45%, I’ve since discovered. But its the 100% figure that the 178% refers.
    Holy moly, they must have been using tailhooks and steam to crunch that volume both In and OUT.

  9. That’s so cool! Juncos are among my very favorite birds…not sure why as they are so plain and common but I love seeing them! Well done!

  10. I had a couple of little juncos in a small back yard area behind a small apartment in Iowa. They touch you somehow. I put out a seed bell and after they’d eaten I later saw one perched up against the bell in the snow as if to reassure itself. I’m sure your bird was ok after it found somewhere to sit out the cold.

  11. Hi Gerry- They are so neat. I might get a seed bell, and I need to put up my feeders! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your comments :)

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