Winter Day’s End

February 10th, 2010



I will never tire of sunsets, no matter the season, or the place.   I see the dawn and dusk of each day as constants that mark and celebrate our journeys through life.


The landscape has been so very bright of late, with that good bit of snow that makes you feel winter has really come.  And soon enough I’ll be happy to say, “and gone!”.    Even a few snow days off from school has tempered the boy’s excitement.  Still we had a chance to frolick about yesterday and marvel at winter’s beauty. 

I see our little snowfall and can only wonder what waking up to two feet of new snow must be like for those of you back East.   Our rural schools are mostly closed, simply because there’s so many twisty country roads that the buses can’t get around to very well.   Personally I like living in a place where the plows can’t get to everywhere.   Keeps you on your toes just enough to not take things for granted, at least as much as we usually do. 

If I’m lucky (or motivated!), some wayward plowman will do something with our driveway. Stay warm out there.

7 Responses to “Winter Day’s End”

  1. Ed

    I love being snowed in on the farm. Unfortunately, thanks to snowplows, I can’t be snowed in here in town and that is a shame. Nothing like a good fire and book while sitting out a daytime blizzard. We ended up with about a foot out of those two storms with more headed this way this weekend. I made a comment somewhere else where this is the only time I can remember that I’ve been able to see the grass only for a couple days back during that last warm stretch since way back in early December. Normally we go through all of December and most of January and never have enough snow to cover the grass. This winter has certainly been one for the record books.

  2. R. Sherman

    We haven’t had a really huge snow for a few years. Nonetheless, I always keep at least two weeks worth of chow and gas for my camp stoves around, just in case. I don’t mind the snow in discrete packages followed by melting. Too much, though, and cabin fever begins to set in.


  3. Vincent

    A truely lovely photo

  4. Ed- I’ve been in some big snowstorms, but nothing like a real blizzard over several days. This has been a light snow winter for us until recently; it’s amazing how it’s so different just “up the road a bit” :)
    Randall- True, and I do the same, along with a generator. Remember the snows of the late ’70’s? Haven’t seen it like that, but maybe we’re heading in that direction!
    Vincent- I’m glad you like it… sometimes I see landscapes and I love trying to catch the moment to share with everyone. :)

  5. i’m feeling like i’m missing out on something, by not being in PA during these storms. something so primitive about having to depend on ones’ resources…

  6. I have nothing nice to say about snow…that is all.

  7. it’s odd that those further south have received much more snow that us this year! Beautiful photo.

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