Visions of Spring

February 21st, 2010

A rainy day today with colder days and freezing nights on the schedule this week.  But yesterday?  Oh my goodness, it was a glorious 50+ degrees Farenheit yesterday!  I took full advantage of the intermittent sun and almost balmy temperatures by wearing a t-shirt around all day!  Okay, most of the day.  The cold came back in the afternoon and I put on a sweatshirt.

But with visions of spring in mind,  I took advantage of the temps and hooked up a hose to wash cars.  The boy helped and it was great… gave them a good clean up, and even washed and mopped out the garage that was so dirty from winter road grime.   Yeah, the cars will be dirty again in a day or two, but it felt good to clean them up all the same.  

As if to join me in my reverie, I saw several bluebirds darting around the trees playfully and singing to each other.  A cardinal sat high in an ash tree calling to mark his territory, and throughout the day I saw and heard a half-dozen groups of geese migrating. 

These were the white-fronted geese,  flying incredibly high with their flute-like whistling calls.  I haven’t seen them since October, but they were probably looking for open water.   I took this picture as they flew over the house and it came out with a neat halo around the sun.  


I also managed to clean up the old truck with the messed up clutch.  I’m still fiddling with it trying to find a solution other than a $600 repair bill.  Bleeding the clutch on these old trucks is a painful affair.  The best recommendation I found includes using 3 people for the job.  But hey, I almost got it working.  Tightened up the system, added more fluid, checked out the mechanism, pumped it like heck… it seemed fine. 

It even worked well enough to carry the garbage cans up to the road.   Of course as I proceeded to turn around on the rural highway… clunk!  The clutch goes out right there on the road.   So I’m sitting in the road (fortunately on the correct side) with my clutch pedal on the floor, and the boy in the seat next to me saying, “I told you we shouldn’t take the truck!”   

Anyway I finally managed to jam it into reverse, and we headed backwards at a good clip down the quarter mile driveway, making a big rut in the soggy grass along the way, and eventually parking it near the house.  That’s a good place for a tow truck just in case I give up fiddling with it.  Arrggh! 

But it really was a beautiful day out there :)   And I managed to find those daffodils…  Just peeking out of the soil, not nearly as far along as last year.  No surprise with the cold and snow, but they’ll be here soon!


And tulips!  I didn’t expect these to come back up.  They were planted a few seasons ago and are usually eaten by rabbits and other critters.  I don’t remember them last year, but hopefully they’ll flower too.


While I cleaned up outside the little Shiba slept on the hillside. We gave him treat and he promptly growled at me… thankless!



* By the way, I wanted to put a plug in about comments for those who use Blogger.   I love to peruse different blogs and make comments, but some of the Blogger comment settings only seem to allow Google or other “name-brand” or Open ID’s for registered users.   A lot of us don’t use an “Open ID” and really like to use the “Name and URL” option for leaving comments, so I recommend considering allowing “anyone to comment” as a setting if you can.   Sometimes folks will come by here and make a nice comment, and I’d like to say hello on your blog too! I think you’ll find you receive more comments from folks who are not using Google or other Open ID registration.  Just a thought; have a great week…

8 Responses to “Visions of Spring”

  1. R. Sherman

    I hope mine is not one of the offending sites. I believe my settings allow all to comment, which isn’t too bad as I only get a minimum amount of spam.

    As for spring, I await the bluebirds roosting on my kids’ old swing set. They usually show up around April and I must say, I’m more than ready.


  2. Isn’t it heavenly to see these signs? This weekend was wonderful as we finally got to see the grass under the snow again!

  3. Ed

    You can send any extra sunshine/warmth up my way. We’ve got a 24″ base of snow on the ground after yesterday. I’m not sure I can ever remember this much snow.

  4. What a lovely blog you have. I shall come back and read some more when I have time next. We long for the cool here… Pity we can’t do a small swap.

  5. Vincent

    Heavens, I’ve not heard of anyone working on a Clutch for years now. Not since they started using robots to build stuff.
    I remember the fear that one would buy a Monday Morning Car/tractor/truck where necessary nuts were not tightened, like the ball-joints on the steering rack for instance. Or where the steel was so friable that it would shatter like glass.
    Ah, the days messing about is a freezing shed splitting block from box. NO-THANK-YOU-VERY-MUCH. Getting hands and feet trapped because someone drew on the wrong chain is someone elses job nowadays.
    But you have my very best.

  6. Randall- No, you have your site configured to allow name/url comments, thank you! And yes, the bluebirds are like beacons in the spring, amazing that they seem to pick up right where they left off the year before :)
    Warren- You’ve had a lot of snow, so it’s time huh? Same here thankfully… and the pond is thawing too!
    Ed- That’s amazing, especially since you’ve grown up there. Remarkable… and I wonder if this is indicative of winters to come?
    Katherine- Thank you for your kind words… and such a great idea! I’m ready to head your way! :)
    Vincent- Ha! You echo my thoughts for when a vehicle is built, or how they did in assembly. And I’ve been there, helping a mate hoist an engine from an old Mercury Cougar with a double-looped short chain, trying to stand out of the way exactly as you described! I’m not up for that either… but I’m also stubborn and like to figure things myself.

  7. We had another 5 inches of snow yesterday (2/10 of moisture as my daughter and I have been keeping track).

    Let me know if you have problems with my site. I know what you mean, for some sites it takes longer to leave a comment that to read the post.

  8. I hope this weekend is going to be pretty nice also; not as warm as last I don’t think but dry anyway. C’mon Spring!! I am SO ready.

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