Late Winter Warm Up

February 27th, 2010

The thaw has begun. At least here in Missouri… and although the nights have been in the 20’s, the daytime temperatures are warming up nicely. I’m so thankful for the handful of sunny days we’re having. Especially reading of the snow and storms some of you are seeing in the northeast. Hang in there! Spring is on the way!

The pond is thawing from a lengthy winter freeze.  The last time the water was fully open was late December or early January.


I wandered outside in the middle of the night a couple days ago (I prowl around at night…), and the moon was shining half full in the sky, contrasting with tons of stars.  It was cold, but so refreshing and beautiful, and I’m almost positive that I heard a few frogs calling!   Which is quite remarkable considering it was way below freezing.  But since the daytime temps had warmed up it may have brought a few out already.

The first really nice day we get will bring out tons of little Spring Peepers… and I always enjoy hearing them.  It just speaks of spring to me. Their calls reach their peak around the middle of March in our area.   I posted a short video here with spring peeper’s calling almost two years ago…

I’m ready, and it’s nearly time for onions, potatoes, peas and more.   Time to get the inside chores and projects finished up!

6 Responses to “Late Winter Warm Up”

  1. The thing about Spring here is that it seems to pop up over night. It gets warmer and then–poof–the trees bud out and my grass needs to be cut. I think when I see the redbuds and dogwoods, I’ll know it’s here for sure.


  2. i love the spring peepers. and lightning bugs. we don’t have lightning bugs here, so i go to PA to visit my family around that time so i can be sure to catch the magic.

  3. Ed

    Thank you for sending your excess sunshine up here. The last few days have been beautiful and the seven day forecast calls for more of the same. I may see some bare ground here by the end of the week!

  4. I was thinking of an evening hike on the full moon tonight, at a bird sanctuary, but we’re still clouded in. But today the temperature got into the low 40s and snow is melting and compacting… however, it’ll be a while before the ice is off the lakes.

  5. Randall- It does happen fast… when it finally happens! Redbuds and dogwoods- they seem like forever away, but it’s only a month or so. I love them too…
    Chook- Oh me too! Glad you can get back east to enjoy them… :)
    Ed- You’re welcome! Just don’t blame us for more snow :) But it has been really nice… our snow is all but gone, and I wonder if that was the last of it? Hope your thaw continues.
    Sage- What a great idea… I peered out and about, and watched the moon rise above the trees. But clouds have rolled in here, just enough to wash it out. Beautiful nights the past week though. You must be at least a month behind us?

  6. Libby was sure she heard frogs when we were out at the woods on Sunday. I didn’t hear them, but it won’t be long.

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