Misty Morning

March 18th, 2010

Misty, and almost ghostly this morning, with thick fog all around.


Everything is heavy and wet, with droplets in the air… the kind you breathe in thickly.  I almost expect to hear the deep, resonant “Whooooounh…” of a foghorn at sea…

8 Responses to “Misty Morning”

  1. Ed

    I love the silence of a thick fog.

  2. I agree; there is something very special about the stillness of a heavy fog. Something very present and expectant.

    Beautiful picture!

  3. in a fog, anything can happen.

  4. Nice photo-I’ve hiked in the fog a number of times in the grasslands north of the Golden Gate and in Point Reyes and it’s neat to hear the distant foghorns breaking the silence.

  5. Kudos on the photo. It reminds me of a Monet, I saw in St. Louis once.


  6. Ed- Me too… and I tend to become reflective, enjoying the quiet, while my thoughts are easier to hear :)
    Grace- I like your words about “something present and expectant…” that is so true!
    Chook- Yes too! The boy thinks it’s so mysterious…and wonders where everything went :)
    Sage- That sounds wonderful… need to add that to the list!
    Randall- Thanks- that’s neat, I had not thought of the photo as impressionistic, but I see what you mean!

  7. Friday turned out to be a great day to be in the Missouri woods, unlike the rest of the weekend.

  8. This was us today…but we have sun now!!!

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