On A Spring Day

March 23rd, 2010

Goodness, Spring has arrived in Missouri in force this week!  It was doubtful for a while this past weekend, with much snow for our western friends.   But after a few days of rain, the sun has returned and with it the frogs, flowers and fullness of early spring itself. 

I saw a few crocus last week, and a couple of daffodils peeking out.  I swear they came out so quickly, and then Voila! all the other daffodils are  blooming at once.  Bear with me… I have to share them as the days go by.   After all, we waited all winter for them! :)

We even enjoyed a brief picnic dinner by the pond before the rain last week.  It felt so strange to be relaxing outside in a light shirt after the cold days of winter.   The yellow lab is always your buddy where food is concerned, and hope springs eternal!

The pond is warming up nicely too.  I’ve seen a few more minnows and fish rising.  Today we even saw the koi, but I’ll save that for another day. 

Of course the yellow lab decided to roll around in the grass while wandering near the pond… the same grassy area that had been burned by my inadvertent fire. He seemed to enjoy that smokey burnt aroma!    And he wasn’t quite so yellow after that… 

A quick retrieve in the pond cleaned things up nicely.   He brings so much energy and joy to my daily experience.    I’m working really hard to enjoy life half as much as my dog does!

6 Responses to “On A Spring Day”

  1. The robins are singing madly as I sit here. 6:00 a.m. and already 50+ degrees.

  2. R. Sherman

    The blue birds are back, roosting on my kids’ old swing set and this morning, I noticed that the daffodils have sprung up finally. My Japanese plum shows signs of buds. I’ll know spring is finally here, though, when I see the first redbuds and dogwoods in the forest.


  3. Ed

    I don’t think we will be quite a week behind you with the flowers. Alas, I probably won’t be able to document them because I’m still awaiting the arrival of a camera that I purchased back in January. My old camera has found a new home in the Urban Jungle and I am without one.

    Although I draw the line at rolling on recently burnt ground, I just might roll around in the greening grass and let it know just how much I missed it this winter.

  4. pamela

    Isn’t it great to have an enthusiastic pooch around as a life coach?

  5. I often wish I had the energy that those dogs have! I could have finished this house long ago.

  6. Pablo- The birds… they’re everywhere!
    Randall- Sounds wonderful there- but yes, the redbuds and dogwoods really do mark our spring :)
    Ed- Too funny… but I’m ready to roll around in that grass myself. Gave it a first cut yesterday, before the rain. Hope you get your camera soon!
    Pamela- I like that… calling him a life coach. He really is :)
    Annie- You and me both. I think he motivates me though!

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