Three Cats About

March 28th, 2010

Spotty, our big white and black cat, is becoming quite the little beast.   She’s nice enough around feeding time, but she’s really territorial and tries to boss the other cats around.   She pushes them, growls at them, bumps them out of the way to get their food (even though she has her own), and generally wanders around strutting her generous girth outside of the house.  

“How did she get this way?” I’m thinking.  But it’s just her nature…   The gray Princess, our other outside cat, is sweet yet indifferent for the most part.  And even though Spotty tries to push her around, she’s the “alpha cat” and only tolerates it to a point and then pounces on the younger (but fatter) cat.   

It’s interesting that while Princess is an expert hunter, the big Spotty cat couldn’t catch her tail if it was laying right in front of her!    Apparently she can climb however, and I was surprised to see her on top of the grape arbor.

We also have a (mostly) indoor cat named Tootsie.  Shes a tortoiseshell, and we adopted her on a camping trip from a humane society booth at a craft fair.  She is the most lovable, attention seeking critter I’ve ever known.   It can almost be annoying, but she just likes to be around people (and the yellow lab) and is very careful with her claws.  She’s playful, and fearless for the most part.  

She does love to go outside, but stays very close when we’re out.  If she loses sight, she gives a plaintive yowl or cry until she finds us.  Unfortunately, that big Spotty cat just tries to pounce on her and runs her all around.   I’m waiting for them to come to terms with each other’s presence.  I’ve noticed less pushiness since it’s warming up now, and maybe the cats will figure out their pecking order soon.  I haven’t seen Tootsie hunt or catch anything, but she seems to be really quick with great instincts.  That’s our cat menagerie…  And yes, they’re all spayed!  I think three is quite enough for now :)

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  1. My mother hated cats because you couldn’t keep them off the furniture, and I’m allergic to them.

    But my dad (the former farmer) always insisted that we have outside cats after we moved to the country, because the kept mice, moles and snakes away from the house.

    He was right. They’d always be bringing some dead think and depositing it on the patio, in exchange for an hour or two of sitting in my Dad’s lap on a summer evening.

    Good times.


  2. Ed

    We’ve always had some cats around on the farm but they have a hard life. Between the cold, predators, and such, their lifespans are pretty short. We even had neighbor problems once. I went to our neighbor to do a favor for her and found several of our cats living over there. She said they just show up and decide to stay. I instantly could see why because she fed them half-n-half every morning!

  3. Nice shot of Princess, on top of the world, waiting for a bird!

  4. Randall- Great memories. They really do keep the mice and such down, thankfully. I appreciate them more outside than inside myself, but there’s something so alluring about them!
    Ed- Ha! That’s funny… she co-opted your cats services as well probably :) With our dogs around, the cats do okay so far. We did lose one after about a year, but the others are going strong.
    Sage- Cute, huh? We try to keep them after mice instead of birds :)

  5. pamela

    One of my shop neighbors, a horrid little man, went on a campaign against all wandering cats. Last year, for the first time ever, I had a vole population in my garden. Horrid little man.

  6. LOVE your cats. We can’t have pets in our place so any and all stories make me melt. Your Tootsie sounds like a real lover. :)

  7. Pamela- That’s awful! We have moles in our garden… tunnels right up the rows. Argh!
    Kortney- They are pretty cool, and you’re right about Tootsie… her name at the humane society was “Luvin” :)

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