Everything’s Growing!

April 7th, 2010

How did April get here so fast?! I think I’m still back in March somewhere, planning what to do this month. Now that I’m here, I’m wondering what that was…     As I looked into the small greenhouse this week I had to laugh that our snowman from Christmas was still in there!  He’s camping out in front of some sage.  Kind of a happy guy, isn’t he?   I’m months behind I tell ‘ya. Time just zooms by and I can only wonder what other forgotten treasures we’ve left behind.

But spring is surely here in Missouri.   It’s more than daffodils, because the redbuds and dogwoods have started to bloom… along with a host of wildflowers int the forest.  I’ve seen violets, anemone and even trout lilies this week.   And it’s about time for morels! 

The young boy and I went exploring a little after school yesterday.  The little hollow above the pond serves as drainage for half the watershed, and it’s fun to hike around in there at times.   Something caught my eye while cutting grass, so we went on a little treasure hunt before the heavy leaf cover hides it all.  

We found some neat pieces of dishes or pottery.  I don’t have any idea how old they might be, but it’s fun to imagine someone long ago using them, or the artist that painted the blue flowers.  And what could that rusty piece of metal have been used for?  The boy thought the rock was just neat looking.

We’ve had such warm weather that all the insects have come out.   But there’s a couple of cold fronts coming through this week that will chill things down a bit at night. Nothing close to freezing, so we’ll still be in good shape.  The cool weather is fine by me!  The oak trees have let down catkins already and everything has started leafing out now.  It is so renewing to watch the trees re-dress themselves each spring in shades of light to darker green. 

Even waking up this morning I was amazed at the difference between this picture taken just a day before and how fast the leaves are growing.  Soon we will see the orioles return and even our barn swallows.  The barn swallows are almost overdue, well almost.  But for the two years before last, they have always returned to their nests around the first week of April.  Last year they came around the 15th…  so we have time.  It may have something to do with the storms and weather patterns, but I’m thinking they’ll show up in the next few days.   I did see a tree swallow yesterday, flying low across the fields.

There’s so many things growing around here, which reminds me to share a picture of our new friends.   

I’ll just leave you with this for now… don’t you just want to pick them up or something?   Have a great week! :)

2 Responses to “Everything’s Growing!”

  1. Ed

    Did someone say morels? I can’t wait!

  2. R. Sherman

    Re: Pot shards.

    They say garbage dumps wind up being the best troves for archeologists. It makes you wonder what else you might dig up in that swale.


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