Flowers After the Rain

May 21st, 2010

It has been a wet spring with all the changing weather. I must admit that I’m getting a little tired of the rain… even though I may regret those words at some point this summer. At any rate, we’re going to see 90 F/ 31 C degree temperatures over the next week, so that will be a nice, warm change.

We did have a couple of sunny days this week, and the flowers have been beautiful from all the rain.  The irises were wonderful this year, and I really enjoy the light lavender color of this variety.


The roses have been gorgeous this year too, and we’ve had more blooms than ever it seems.    This is Carefree Beauty…  

I walked out into the garden the other morning and all the sugar snap peas were wilted!  Sure enough a mole had gone right under the roots in the row, because the garden was so wet everywhere else.   I managed to squish the dirt back down and most of the plants have recovered pretty well.   Thankfully the added rainfall helped keep them growing again.

The chicken coop is coming along, slowly.  It’s very muddy all around the coop so it’s quite the mess to work on it when it’s raining.  I’ve insulated both sides, and measured and placed the siding, with caulk at the seams.  I’ll paint it when finished, so this is just the rough look.   

The chickens are 6 weeks old now and getting huge.  I need to get another picture, but suffice it to say they are ready to be outside all the time.

I do let them out for a bit each day, and when they roam around I have to lock up the little Shiba Inu below.  He’s a nice dog, as long as you’re not a bird or a small mammal…   if he senses something wild to hunt or eat, he then becomes a fierce little beast, so I don’t think the chickens would have a chance.   I watched him chase down a rabbit once!    Fortunately the yellow lab doesn’t seem very interested in them, he lays down and just watches as they roam around.   Of course he might decide to bring me one…

With the warmer weather coming, it’s time for the garden to really take off. And it’s time to do a lot of weeding, cutting and pruning that I have put off for several weeks. I’m just amazed at how fast the season has gone by!

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  1. Ed

    I’ve always said I would rather have a dry year than a wet year. At least during a dry year you can get other things done outside and not have to mire around in mud. Also from a farming perspective, during a dry year, you can sometimes raise half a crop where in a wet year like this, the farmers up here only have half their crops planted and those planted need replanted. This is turning into last year all over again.

    The only plus side that I can see is that I haven’t had to water my garden once this year.

  2. It’s raining up here and is suppose to be in the 80s most days for the next week. You’re dog is beautiful, but I can see how he’d be tough on the chickens.

  3. Beautiful irises…we only have dark purple ones but I live them! Yours are beautiful too!

  4. We sure have had a ton of rain. I’m looking forward to the dry week the forecasters have promised…
    That stinks about the mole. Nothing like watching your pretty plants get mauled from below. Brings “Caddyshack” to mind…

  5. I have read that if you just routinely step on the mole’s tunnels, they will start digging deeper and not bother anything. It has seemed to work for me; I don’t see near as many tunnels as I used to. They don’t eat roots, just grubs which is great, so I don’t like to hurt them.

    The iris are beautiful! Does the Shiba not bother your cats? I thought I had read that you let your cats outside?

  6. That is one good looking dog. And, btw, I wish I had roses like that.


  7. Ed- Thanks for explaining the farming perspective; most of us know little about the impacts of weather to farming, but I see the fields and always wonder about the timing.
    Sage- We’ve hit that 90 degree mark, and the humidity is back! He is a good dog, and just does what he was bred for I suppose. But if he gets one of those chickens, he’ll be wearing it for a necklace for a week!
    Warren- I love the purple ones too… I think we have black, pink and white also :) I enjoy them because they’re so trouble free, and don’t even need pruning….
    Ron- Caddyshack! I had forgotten that part, but so true. Most of them are doing okay still, but that mole keeps trying… grrr. The cats and that dog need to get busy!
    Annie- Really!? I knew they ate the worms and grubs and such. But your point makes sense- with all this rain, I stepped in a couple of “holes” that were nearly a foot deep, and were really mole tunnels way down there. I usually just tramp them down in the garden, so maybe that’s it?! Thanks :)
    Randall- He’s a little heavy (like me!), but still looking good! (like me!) And the roses I can hardly take credit for- my Mom from years ago planted them all, and I’ve just been pruning them, and digging a few up here and there :)

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