Rocky Reflections

June 3rd, 2010

There are many things I’d like to share in pictures and words…  Honestly I don’t know how some of you do it, but I really enjoy reading the stories that my fellow bloggers write. Everything from adventures with family and home, to writings about nature and our place in the world.   

At some point however, some of us find ourselves wondering if we should continue, or what we are writing for in the first place. Personally I started Fox Haven Journal as a place to simply reflect on the sights and sounds of nature and our lives on this small piece of land.

I have begun to consider other aspects however, like expanding my focus to include life stories and family memories. I see it as a place with potential… maybe even remote anthropological relevance, where rather than picking through my trash, someone may actually learn something about this life long after I’m gone. At some point, I will fill the pages to my satisfaction and move on. I’m not there yet however, so you’ll have to put up with me for a while still.

However it looks as though one of our friends has recently done just that, bringing his current blogging journey to a close.  Pablo’s writings at Roundrock Journal appear complete, although it came as quite a surprise to many of us.   Pablo has always had a way of teasing his readers, and infusing his love for the natural world with questions, curiousity and innuendo.  Through his daily writings he shared his insights and pictures about his beloved land in Missouri, and the unique round rocks that were part of the mystique and beauty of his refuge.  

He brought us along on his journeys and reflections, and shared a little of both his family and friends, and of his simple pleasure watching the seasons unfold.   Pablo was one of my first visitors to Fox Haven Journal, and encouraged me to continue writing when it seemed silly sometimes to share my thoughts about the mundane, or trivial…  even though to me they were not. 

Over time I have recognized that it isn’t so much what we are writing about, but rather sharing a little of who we are, and how we see the world around us.  I think that’s what I enjoy about visiting other blogs as well…  and like Pablo, I count so many of you as friends.

Over the last few weeks he shared a wider perspective of Roundrock and his writings with his readers, bringing things slowly to close even as most of us didn’t recognize it until afterwards.  Pablo had written just about every day for nearly five years (a feat unto itself) while sharing his world with his readers.  Thus it was quite strange a couple of weeks ago when his writings simply stopped. 

Many folks wondered, and then with a little more careful reading (especially post titles), we realized that he was completing his work, quietly, without fanfare.

A final post to share with us, ending, but not ending, the story.  Finishing, but leaving the finish for that enduring vision of another day.   Thanks Pablo- we’ve enjoyed the journey to Roundrock with you, and wish you all the best.   Perhaps it really is an ending before another beginning.

6 Responses to “Rocky Reflections”

  1. I’ve often wondered what I’d say, when I decided to quit writing. Perhaps, I’ll know when I get there, though sometimes I think I’ll never quit, if for no other reason, than I need a place to organize and then “stash” my thoughts.

    Thanks for pointing out Round Rock. I’m going to poke around there quite a bit, methinks.


  2. Ed

    I caught on right away with the title of his posts but I still almost wished he had given a reason. Not that he needed to justify quiting because I certainly understand, but just so people don’t wonder if the reason he did quit was because he was dying of some terminal disease or moved out to the cabin at Roundrock. Now because I don’t know his intentions, I am left wondering if I should leave him on my blogroll in case he takes up again so I don’t miss a post or to remove the link.

    I’ll miss reading his daily posts.

  3. beau, i would a little sad if you stopped writing. you have something to say, and it resonates with me as i’m sure it does with many others.

    i’ll have to check out roundrock journal; i’m intrigued by those round rocks!

    writing for public consumption is hard. my blog is sporadic at best. i feel super inhibited in posting my feelings/life on the internet, probably as it should be. every post is a battle with my inner editor. did i say too much? who is this person? i don’t even recognize them. i guess it’s a balance that i just haven’t found yet.

  4. i’ve seen many come and go and some go and come back… I know I don’t post as often as I once did, but I still have much to write–I’ve actually thought about starting a new blog–open only via invitation–to write more about family and work–some of which may be for publishing later.

  5. I was somewhat sad to see that Pablo had stopped posting also, but I can understand. I have thought many times about stopping myself, why do I write and etc etc. But I have found such good friends and encouragement through the blog, I think it would be hard for me to go away. At this time at least. I enjoy your posts, whatever they are about and am glad you are going to continue. It’s nice, especially when you feel a little isolated, to see there are others who look at things basically the same way.

  6. Randall- So true; “I’ll know when I get there….” I think you’ll enjoy Roundrock.
    Ed- I’m betting that Pablo will write again, but maybe in another form. I kind of wish it was more direct as well… :)
    Chook- I appreciate the feedback, and I feel much the same way about posting… “…as it should be…” as you’ve said! I’m not at all satisfied with whatever balance I’ve teetered upon :)
    Sage- Interesting idea. I do appreciate your focus, and that of many others. Weaving stories of family/memories is perhaps something I’d like to do more.
    Annie- I like how you mentioned finding “… others who look at things basically the same way.” It’s like there’s an underurrent of similar appreciation, yet coming from totally different perspectives too. Seems like think we all have those reasons that we keep on…

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