Closer on the Coop

June 22nd, 2010

The end is in sight… or the beginning?  Finishing up the doors and trim, still have to put up the hardware, roosts, run…

“It’s about time! “

Almost 100 degrees F today- they’re cooling themselves in the shade of a few shrubs, giving me that stare…

4 Responses to “Closer on the Coop”

  1. If you were working outside in this heat, I salute you. And you should be nose deep in that pond of yours.


  2. Ed

    Drink lots of water. Sounds like you need it down that way with all the heat and humidity.

  3. poor girls. toasty weather to be wearing feathers. last summer we had a week of over 100 degrees (hitting 107) which was miserable for everyone. we ended up setting up a huge block of ice in front of the coop, with fan blowing on it. they would stand butt first, letting the cool air blow against their feathers. of course, i tend to worry a little… ;)

  4. R.- Just a couple days… it was like water running off my body… amazing. The pond is great, although swimming pools look better to most people. I need a dock or something, and some lane markers… :)
    Ed- Oh yes… water is my new best friend. I can’t believe all the rain you’ve had.
    Chook- Oh thanks for the insight. What a neat idea- a block of ice! (I’m not sure where to get one- but I guess a bag would work?). These seem okay even inside in the 90’s… mostly I let them stay out and they hide in the shade. They’re no dummies!

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