Beautiful Morning in June

June 30th, 2010

Sometimes you wake up very early, and can really enjoy watching the world come alive. The temperature was in the fifties, and as the sun rose I saw wisps of fog rising from the pond. I walked around with the dog, taking in the sights and as the sun came up it highlighted the mist rising all around.

The yellow lab was fascinated and wanted to jump in the water…   he sat down eventually and relaxed.   I’d like to think he was enjoying it too.

It was calm, and yet the mist was slowly stirring in circles, moving above the surface of the water, drifting across and towards one end, moving as wisps and pushed by something gentle and unseen…

It’s one of those days I love to share with everyone… but only I was awake.  Like many things, it didn’t last. Within a half hour, the air had warmed and the magic was gone. I can share it here with you however, and it’s a perfect day because today is my Mother’s birthday.   Let’s just say she has a few decades on me yet.   I can’t think of a more beautiful day and picture to wish her a Happy Birthday.   If you can think of someone you’ve always known, that puts you at ease and who always offers love and kindness…   that’s her.

One of these days I’ll put her picture here.   Probably with flowers and gardens.  And I’ll share a few stories too.  In fact she still digs and plants with greater endurance than folks half her age. Our challenge is getting her to slow down.   I should know better…    Happy Birthday Mom!  :)

15 Responses to “Beautiful Morning in June”

  1. Beautiful photos–i love watching fog burn off over water. I also posted a morning observation post today!

  2. This is a really sweet post. I love early mornings. Thanks for sharing. Happy birthday to your mom!

  3. Summer mornings alone on the porch are the best.


  4. I recall seeing the picture of your father and being dumbstruck by his resemblance to my father. Your mother sounds just like mine–nonstop. If she looks like my mother too, I may very well get the heeby-jeebies!

  5. Ed

    When I saw your pictures, all I could think is that they were the very definition of the Eagles lyric, “cause I get a peaceful easy feeling

    I love that feeling.

  6. i can’t wait to “meet” your mom. :) does she read your blog?

  7. Jamie

    Happy Birthday to your Mom!! She sounds like a lovely lady.

  8. Sage- I wonder how many other people wake up early and really take in the morning’s sights and sounds…
    Katie- Thanks! I’m glad you came by too :)
    Randall- It almost doesn’t feel like summer this week…after such a hot May I’m glad we have these cool mornings.
    Brenda- That is too funny… and me too!
    Ed- Ah, great music- and it is such a peaceful feeling.
    Chook- One of these days! And yes, she visits but rarely comments. She’ll be embarrassed by all this!
    Jamie- She is :)

  9. josie

    Thank you son…what a beautiful birthday greeting! And how great to share it with all of you…”one touch of nature makes the whole world kin”. But more than that…it’s the appreciation of both nature and the kinship.
    And yes Chook, I visit this blog…and all of you!

  10. Rae

    Beautiful pictures…
    Beautiful entry..

    Congrats on your new chickencoop:)
    I found your website on accident.It was exactly what i needed

  11. Have a happy 4th.

    That dog is about to launch.

  12. Hey Beau,

    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I answered yours in the comments section of that post since I had already published the next post referring to the others.

  13. Josie- I like that quote! Who said it?… Maybe you just did :)
    Rae- Thanks! Glad you came by for a visit… I love “meeting” new folks here!
    Vincent- Thanks; It was a nice day. Yes, I had to hold him back!
    Annie- Thanks too… you’ve given me lots to think about!

  14. Justice

    I like these pictures, they are very pretty! I especially like the picture of the dog, you are very good at taking pictures!

  15. Justice- Thanks for your kind words… I’m still learning! Glad I could share them with you, and I’m glad you stopped by :)

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