Summer Downpour

July 10th, 2010

Isn’t it amazing how the first half of summer explodes with growth everywhere and its hard to keep up with everything?   As we head towards midsummer, the vivid green foliage slowly matures  and begins to dry out to darker colors and browns throughout the landscape.  We’re not there yet, but I’m ready for the grass to slow down a bit more!

Driving home the other day I took this picture just because the clouds looked interesting.  I love the depth of the clouds, and it reminds me of driving out west.  It foreshadowed the rain we’ve received over the past couple of days.  We needed it, and I’m glad it will keep the clover and other summer flowers blooming a little longer for the bees.

It began raining as I worked around the pond, trimming brush and weeds and enjoying the coolness.  But I called it a day after a half hour when I realized the rain wasn’t letting up…  I like seeing the rain around the watershed, and watching it fall on the pond in summer.  A few years ago it we barely received any rain for months and the pond dropped five feet very quickly.  Last year and this year however, the rain has topped it off every few weeks.

Last night there was an enormous rainstorm though, close to 2 inches of rainfall before it finished.  With that kind of rain I worry about erosion and the pond flows out the spillway.  I imagine a lot of insects and organic matter are washed into the pond, and it clouds up for a couple of days and then settles out.

The boy had just climbed in bed with the sound of falling rain outside his window, and then the intensity changed… it became heavier and heavier, drumming on the roof and the gutters began overflowing.   It was amazing really and he said, “I want to see the rain!”   To the kitchen we went, and turned on the outside lights… all the gutters looked like waterfalls, unable to keep up with the volume of water on the roof.

I said, “Do you want to go out there?”  half kidding, and wondering if he would, but he jumped at the chance!   No lightning or thunder, just a good ‘ole fashioned downpour.  He threw on a light windbreaker and went dancing barefoot through the storm…

I watched as he giggled and ran under the gutters, drenched from head to toe.  Just a few minutes of summer fun, and watching him I could remember playing in rainstorms myself as a child.  I almost went out there with him…  almost :)   He was back inside drying out with towels and asleep fifteen minutes later.

This morning the sun is shining and the air is cool… once again the landscape is refreshed, growing and bursting with life.  It’s time for me to head back out  and see what I can do about it!

7 Responses to “Summer Downpour”

  1. We always get a great view from our ridge of those summer thunderheads. I could watch them for hours, I think.

  2. Such a pity that he didn’t have a few friends about for his memory of this will erode over time.

  3. Aw, you should have ran out there too Beau! lol! playing in the rain always makes me sleep SO good later. I’m not sure why.

  4. I encouraged our daughter to do the same thing when we finally got a bit of rain the other day. Mel wasn’t excited about it, but wet clothes do dry! We could use a lot more rain here… most of the recent storms have sheared to the northwest of us.

  5. Ed

    We made it a week with only .54 inches, a much more manageable amount than we’ve been getting more of the year. I’m glad some of our excess is hitting those who need it because we certainly have enough. We still have rain in our forecast almost everyday but it has been missing us for a change.

  6. Randall- That must be beautiful… nice to be higher with a view. Good to see them coming too!
    Vincent- Yes. Sometimes that’s why I write certain things. He enjoys so much…
    Annie- Hey, I haven’t tried that in terms of sleeping! Okay, on my list… I like being out in the rain during the day, you just feel alive.
    Ron- Kids just seem to love it, huh? Spreading the rain out a little would help us all for sure.
    Ed- Rain almost every day… too strange. But it looks like we may get it again this week too. So much for less grass cutting!

  7. You can’t beat a jaunt in the rain!

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