Flowers and Fungi

August 10th, 2010

The vegetables are slowing down and the flowers are too, but a host of yellow daisies still brighten the day. I’m not sure what this flower really is, but yellow daisy seemed fitting.  I’m glad they still bloom under the August sun.  I haven’t seen any bees or or insects on them.  I would love to find something the bees could use in late summer.

As we made the rounds last week with the yellow lab, we found various fungi that popped up rather quickly after the last rainfall. He was a curious pup, yet smart enough not to mess with them. 

This one was really cool looking… I love the split edges.   Since they are not morels however, I just enjoy them for pictures.

Not to be outdone, this one was reddish colored with yellow patches where the skin was open or perhaps chewed away. Maybe one day I’ll learn more about them. 

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  1. Those sure look like Black-eyed Susans to me. Time to bust out Edgar Denison’s “Wildflowers Of Missouri.”


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  3. Ed

    I think R. Sherman is right.

    This time of year is certainly slow for the bees. The two big bee plants that I can think of are compass plants and sunflowers, neither of which grow in plentiful quantities anymore. We always had to wait until fall and the goldenrod which was our biggest source of honey for the year.

  4. We have them as well. And I do wish I knew more about their toxicity. Yours have much more vibrant colour.

  5. I vote for black-eyed susans, too. Beautiful photos–we’re hot and humid right now and I’m sure you ever more so. Stay cool.

  6. I love the black-eyed susans…a fantastic flower. As for what bees will do this time of year, the answer around here is goldenrod. That’s not exactly a decorative plant in my mind (though they sell pots of them at lowes and home depot) but the bees will be on it as soon as it blooms…

  7. Hi all! I guess we have more than one kind of black-eyed susan or daisy! We are still traveling around… mostly without internet, which is kind of nice to let go now and then ;)

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