Fair Days in Iowa

August 18th, 2010

Well… This morning we entered the “land of rain” or, as Ed and the signs fondly proclaim… Iowa. I’ve read how this is such a wet year here, but wasn’t prepared to see miles of flooded fields.

We have traveled in a small camper these past two weeks, the boy, the dog and I. Now ensconced amid hundreds of other “mobile homes” this morning was a sea of mud, grass, fiberglass and aluminum while the rain poured down..

But we persevered! The Iowa State Fair is amazing in its size and scope. The boy even milked his first cow :) I love seeing all the livestock, and the ag exhibits. The 1300+ pound pumpkin won the blue ribbon.

The boy was tickled playing with that “old-fashioned” rotary phone… He was amazed we grew up that way dialing so slowly and tied to the cord… And here I am writing this from a tiny wireless device that can call anywhere.. My father would have laughed- he worked for Western Electric and the telephone industry for 34 years.

Several families walked around with “Century Farm” t-shirts, reaching that family milestone which is so impressive in this day and age.

I had my first “Beef Sundae” (think pulled beef on potatoes with gravy and cheese), and the boy other gastric oddities like a “Monkey Tail” or frozen banana dipped in chocolate.

We could see downtown Des Moines and the State Capitol from the skyway ride. The rain kept things cool… A nice day with a lesser crowd. Tomorrow we’ll have another go before heading home. Need to find that Dr. Suess butter exhibit!

I miss the north country already… But I’ll show better pictures later. That washing machine was all I figured out from my phone for the first time! Maybe we’ll find that Mexican restaurant too…

It’s classic summer fun… We had hoped but won’t see the poultry exhibits at the fair…they don’t start until after we leave. Maybe the goats tomorrow which I think are cool. But I hear our own little chicks are going on two dozen eggs!

4 Responses to “Fair Days in Iowa”

  1. Great pics.

    It’s been awhile since I went to Sedalia for the Missouri State Fair. I’ve got a hankering to go again, but it always seems my weekends around that time are booked up with kids’ stuff.


  2. Ed

    Welcome to Iowa, soggy as it is. Fortunately you came with you did because a week ago, the interstate you came in on was under water.

    If you read this in time, the butter cow and Suess exhibit are in the Agriculural Building. Next year will be the 100th anniversary of this practice at the fair.

    I recommend the Beef Chimichanga at Los Laureles. My mouth waters every time I think of it.

    Have a safe trip home. It is supposed to be nothing but sunshine today and tomorrow!

  3. rotary phones and hand-milking cows…brings back the memories. i could probably live without the sore index finger from dialing, but nothing beats leaning your head against a warm cow flank and milking her out, watching the streams of milk form foamy bubbles, feeling the ache in your forearms.

  4. For one reason or another, it’s been too long since we’ve been to the fair. Sounds like a great time!

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