Welcome September!

September 1st, 2010

Rain!  A nice day or two drizzle to give us some much needed moisture.  Hopefully it won’t really storm… and I hope too that all you folks on the Eastern seaboard are well prepared before Earl makes an appearance.   That’s going to be a lot of rain… I can’t remember the last time a hurricane came up the east coast?  Hopefully it stays far enough offshore to lessen the winds.

Hard to believe it’s already September, but I’ve been watering the garden to keep everything from totally wilting…  it’s a pretty sad affair.  This was about a week ago, and it just became drier.

Today’s rain should help a little, but the weeds have taken over and there’s very little growing at this point.   What should I be planting now?  Peas? Beans?    I may skip the fall season for planting and go right into spring planning :)

What I do know is that bell peppers grow really well in big containers!   And quite a few other plants I’m sure.  This is a grouping of three pepper plants I picked up for .99 cents each back in late June.

They have grown so well and given back about a dozen green peppers with more coming!  It doesn’t get any easier- and the peppers in the garden didn’t do nearly as well.   Containers do so much better, but I really love the garden rows.  Maybe I should make some really long “row containers” with landscape block or something?

Last week we ran down the road a good bit for some trout fishing.  Just a nice cool morning and a good mess of pan-sized rainbow trout.   This one is actually a pound and a half!   Fun times and so delicious…

We also have critter news!   Meet the new addition… a Calico mouser that looks like she stuck her nose in a coal bin.   Isn’t she a cutie?

She’s 7 weeks old with a great disposition.  Let’s hope it stays that way… and she becomes an expert rodent hunter.  With the chickens around this year I suspect we’ll have a few more mice.    Watch out little rodents, this kitty will grow up quickly.

And the other big news… the chickens gave us 8 eggs today!  One from each of the 8 hens which is very cool.  Usually it has been around 4-5 a day but now they’re all laying.   Now just when I’m getting excited they’ll probably slow down as fall continues.   I don’t think I’ll keep lights on in the coop for winter however, so we’ll just see how the chickens do on their own.

Otherwise you can really see the fall season approaching.  The barn swallows have disappeared I think… perhaps starting their migration south.  I did see a larger flock of nighthawks meandering around the sky and they will continue heading south.  The cicadas are growing quieter, and the fall flowers are in bloom.  I’m glad the rain will promote a little more flowering for the bees as well.    Have a good day!

7 Responses to “Welcome September!”

  1. I’m looking forward cooler weather now it’s September. Nice trout! As for what to plant, how about collards?

  2. Ed

    I’m thinking of dedicating a large percentage of my small garden to planting garlic in late fall. I think I’ll try planting some tomatoes in large pots out front and see if I have any better luck next year. Maybe I’ll do a plant or two of peppers too.

  3. Like i said, paradise…

  4. Say it ain’t so! Say no to Fall!

  5. I’m always excited about the change of seasons…any season. Time to move on.

    Your new kitty is adorable! She’ll live indoors with outdoor privileges? How will you keep her from being a chicken-chaser?

  6. Sage- I’d love collards… I planted some other greens last month and the bugs got ’em while we were gone! Maybe I’ll try again :)
    Ed- Great idea… garlic is always nice to have around. I may join you on the pots…
    Phil- I need a tower near some trees :)
    Warren- I’m ready! Except I’d like a longer season for the bees, but the cool days are coming!
    Kathleen- Me too… She’ll be inside until shes a few months old, then a littel of both. Tootsie (the tortoiseshell cat) seems to enjoy being inside the most, but the other cats perfer it outside. And none of them chase the chickens! At least not so far… One of the cats even lays down among them for whatever reason :)

  7. I live on a tiny plot surrounded by packed in houses. I have my big trees and a tower but I’d trade with you in a Missouri minute.

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