Rooster Heaven

September 6th, 2010

It was time for one of the roosters to go. With eight hens and two roosters, our hens were a little tired of being chased around the yard. The roosters got along just fine, but that was because Red took the #2 spot, playing second fiddle to Captain Jack. The Captain let everyone know that he was in charge around here. In fact, little Red didn’t even crow much, while Jack loves to let the world know how he sounds, from early morning to the afternoon. Especially when he sees you…

I was fortunate last week to meet someone looking for a rooster however. A woman with six children (all girls!) and a bunch of hens running around the yard. The best part for Red? He went from being the #2 rooster among 8 hens, and joined a new flock of 16 hens, all to himself!

It was funny… within 30 seconds of letting him go among the new “girls” he was strutting his stuff and making low chortling sounds to get their attention.  Sheesh!

But a few of the more dominant hens ran right up to him as if to say, “Who the heck do you think you are Buster?!”

Red didn’t care… he just looked ’em hard in the eye for a minute and strutted off as if to say “There’s a new kid in town Ladies, and I’m going to go meet the other hens!”

6 Responses to “Rooster Heaven”

  1. I’m never sure how exactly the Koreans can sex chickens. They travel the world glancing up the jaxy of billions.
    But, now, it hardly matters for the under-cock has his own to traduce.

  2. Ed

    I initially thought from the title that one of your roosters met an untimely end. Now I see that wasn’t the case. I hope Red enjoys his new harem, I mean flock.

  3. it’s funny how roosters pretend they have food, making fake pecks at the ground and making that sound you describe. fools the hens every time. hey girls! got something good to eat here!

  4. LOL! that’s funny! glad Red got a new home instead of ending up in the stew pot. Although that is most likely what I would have done with him, YUM!

  5. Vincent- I don’t know either, but I learned to look at the feathers! Yes, good for the roo :)
    Ed- Too funny… I had not thought of that!
    Chook- Oh that’s so true! The Captain makes some really neat sounds… even I look up and wonder what he’s found :)
    Annie- Ha! I’ve seen quite a few recipes that call for a “young rooster”… but he was too pretty. Or lucky :)

  6. Like Ed, I was wondering which rooster went into the stew. Good for Red! May he enjoy his new found masculinity

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