Captain Jack the Australorp Rooster

September 24th, 2010

Have you ever had a rooster?  They really have a certain charm and liveliness that gives character to their home environment.  Perhaps a little noisy at times.  Maybe really early times at that.   ‘Ole Captain Jack is quite the jaunty fellow…  as I write this he’s announcing the morning inside the coop.  When I open the door he’ll continue his pronouncements for a bit.  He even likes to crow when we come home…

He does his job well, looking out for the hens, and making sure they get the best treats first.  He looks at me funny now and then, but doesn’t seem to mind being picked up at times.  I’ve read that Australorp roosters can be fairly gentle compared to others.  I’m glad for that, and hope he stays this way.  It seems he grows a little more handsome every day :)


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  1. I should probably Google this, but is that a hybrid breed? I’ve never heard of “Australorp.”


  2. Ed

    Every time I read about Captain Jack, I smile and remember Rufus. I’m sure your boy will have good memories of CJ when he is older.

  3. I never had a rooster, but many times in Central America, I thought about going out and getting a rooster (and ringing it’s neck)!

  4. Lovely colours on him, sorta mother-of-pearl-ish

  5. i love the green/black feathers, very iridescent.

  6. He is a gorgeous rooster. Where did you get him?

  7. Randall- Yes! He’s a hybrid… good thought, supposedly and export Black Orpington from England to Australia with some other genes thrown in. Wikipedia has some good info…
    Ed- That’s really nice… I sure hope so :)
    Sage- I’ll bet you did! I’ve heard a young rooster is a staple in many recipes..
    Vincent- Exactly! He reflects those colors in the sun.
    Chook- He stays out of the sun when it’s hot! Iridescent… that’s it!
    DBunBun- Believe it or not, from Orschelns out of a big bin! But he was standing a bit taller and just strutted around among dozens of other little chicks and somehow I knew he’d be a rooster :)

  8. Captain Jack is handsome! I love it that he crows when you come home. Smart guy.

  9. Bob

    That looks like a proud rooster. Standing so tall.

  10. Hi Bob- He was indeed, and a fine caretaker of the hens. Late this year (2012) I finally found a new home for him after I began raising some other roosters. They wanted to fight, and Cap’n Jack now has a new home :)

  11. Cookie

    My Australorp Rooster his name is Ronnie… He is the meanest Rooster I have ever seen…
    I am not sure how much longer he will make it. No one dares to turn their back on him.
    He is big beautiful BUT very Mean.. He rules the roost for sure and crows all day.. He does protect the hens well. But with the experience I have had with this breed of rooster I will never have another.

  12. Hi Cookie! Well… makes sense. My Jack became more aggressive as time went on. I still went and picked him up and he “tolerated” me :) But I finally took him to a feed store for “rehoming”… at least that’s what they said! He was a good rooster though- he really looked out for the hens. But I agree… I’m not going to keep a rooster that becomes mean. We have a new hybrid-americauna rooster named “Chippy” now, and thus far he’s pretty nice. Thanks for coming by and commenting!

  13. Ed

    Hello Beau! I was just checking the bottom of my reader bar and saw that it has been seven years since you were active blogging! I can’t believe it has been that long. Certainly doesn’t feel like it. I hope life is treating you well and things have settled down to a peaceful state. Wishing you well friend. -Ed

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