Seasons Bring Change

October 15th, 2010

Autumn changes are happening even faster now.   The beauty of the landscape always amazes me… I love watching the seasons change as a physical reminder of how we too change and grow.

Across the decades we can embrace that change and shape our lives.  With that change looking outward, there’s always change within too, and it’s time for me to ponder such things.  I’ve taken a break from writing and sharing my thoughts here at Fox Haven, but I hope to be back soon. In the weeks ahead I look forward to catching the leaves that have started falling, jumping in leaf piles and playing the kind of games that we often leave behind as the years pass… games inspired by the imagination of a child, and in this case, a young boy.  I trust you too will enjoy the fall season wherever you may live…

8 Responses to “Seasons Bring Change”

  1. Ed

    What a beautiful fall! This will certainly be one for my memory books. We’ve had something like 17 straight days without rain and perhaps another 10 more in the long range forecast. Better yet, hardly a cloud in site. I feel somewhat like Noah after the rains stopped and the ark set down.

  2. I woke up and watched the sun rise over the fog in the valley to the north of me. I sipped coffee then took the OED to play soccer at MICDS. (A 2-0 win, thank you.) And now, I’m listening to Mizzou kick A&M’s ass at Kyle Field.

    Good times.


  3. It is a beautiful fall this year; just gorgeous. Hope you don’t stay gone too long Beau!

  4. Lovely photo.

    And the only problem with the changing of the seasons is that they are happening way to darn fast. It was only last week I was commenting on last Autumns colour.

  5. Lovely photo–we’ve been having beautiful weather this fall–mostly clear skies. I love the mornings with the fog.

  6. Have fun and enjoy!

  7. BTW, we’ll see you when we see you. Good luck.

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