March of the Seasons and Halloween Fun

October 30th, 2010

The days come and go…  I seem to remember one of my grandmothers, while visiting her in a nursing home more than a decade ago.   She kept repeating, “Time and tide waits for no man…”   

And she would smile when I asked how she was.   “About as fine as could be I suppose…  Time and tide waits for no man…” and she would laugh a little.  She was 99 years old, and passed away a few months later.  She had a remarkable memory for verse, poem and song.  One of these days I’ll share some of them.

 We decorated around the house the other night… it was fun.  Putting up spider webs and lights.  I don’t remember such festivities for Halloween while growing up, but that’s okay. 

It was also the first “freeze” of the fall season the other night.  I went around getting the house and a few other things ready this week, and then picking green tomatoes and bell peppers… sad to see the garden fade away, and there’s even some lettuce and beans still growing.   The chickens are having a great time pecking through the litter- they’ll be great to keep the garden area mulched.   A few of the plants were hit pretty hard by the frost. 

Everything changes…   but it looks like the week ahead will be nice still, so we’ve had a gentle transition to colder weather this year.

It’s fun to wander around to see how different the landscape looks.  The leaf colors have given way to browns and yellows.   A lot of leaves on the ground, but the majority are hanging on.  The boy loves to play and the dog is more than willing to accomodate his spirit…

I’m still working on a few things at home that have focused my attention elsewhere this year.   I just haven’t had time to get around and visit, or even get outside as much as I would like.   That will change too eventually!  I hope you are all doing well.   Enjoy the season and have a Happy Halloween…

And late entry,  isn’t this great!?  I strung one of the webs where he wanted it in front of his room. The spider theme was his own idea…  makes for an interesting hallway at night! :)

4 Responses to “March of the Seasons and Halloween Fun”

  1. Glad things are going well. I’m sure your son is in a festive mood this weekend. Try to keep him from eating too much chocolate.

    I should know with my two. It’ll be a sugar buzz until Thanksgiving.


  2. Ed

    My daughter is on probably day three of the sugar buzz having already received candy from preschool, daycare and a few other places.

    For me, this time is a flurry of activity as I get everything ready for winter and then get through the holidays. I always look forward to January and February when I can kick back with a book, some good whiskey and a roaring fire and try in vain to store up enough energy to get me through the next year.

  3. We never had all this stuff either. What we did was hang an apple from the ceiling on a string and with our hands behind our back try and catch the Apple in ones teeth. Or float apples in a basin of water twice the depth of the apple. Another was getting the coins from the bottom of the same basin. With this one you can test the moxy -or greed- of adults by putting ten inch of water in a childs bath and depending how wealthy you are toss a few large denomination coin. In the past Sovereigns, when they were not so costly could provide hours of pure glee.

  4. Lovely, especially the trees in the Autumn light.

    We’re wishing for more cool weather. Has been in the high 80’s & low 90’s lately! At this point, I know it’s autumn because the cedar elms are losing leaves, the hermit thrush is back and the first lincoln sparrow and chipping sparrow. And sunset comes waaay too early.

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