A Happy Dog…

November 24th, 2010

I am just a happy dog.   I get to play outside, and swim and roll in the grass…   life is great!


6 Responses to “A Happy Dog…”

  1. Ed

    I’ve seen dogs have bad moments but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog have an entire bad day. Wouldn’t life be grand if we all had a little more dog in us?

  2. Jamie

    You’re only a dog, old fellow;
    a dog, and you’ve had your day;
    But never a friend of all my friends
    has been truer than you always.

  3. Vincent

    Lovely dog.

  4. It doesn’t take much to make a dog happy, does it.


  5. Ed- Yes indeed… I think he’s my mentor :) Something I’ve learned about labradors, is that they never have a bad day. He’s always happy!
    Jamie- That’s a wonderful… I’ve seen it before somewhere? And so true.
    Vincent- Thanks- he really is. :)
    Randall- No sir. As I said, he’s my mentor… The older I get, the more I’m catching on…

  6. A beautiful dog!

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