First Snowfall for Chickens

December 12th, 2010



“Uh, well you go first, okay?”…        “Me?! Why me? I don’t know what that stuff is either!”

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  1. Ed

    Today is our first real snow in the form of a blizzard and I feel just like your chickens!

    Hope life is still being easy on you. Merry Christmas in case I don’t communicate with you for another month.

  2. Cute pic. I hope you’re surviving the storm, they keep saying it’s going to be bad, but I haven’t seen it yet. BTW, why does one want to be on the starboard side of a ship? (Vince said to ask you)

  3. Smart ladies too. Notice they’re watching it all from the front porch?! Happy holidays, beau!

  4. Going towards Japan. Otherside coming back.

    A few weeks ago my hound had exactly the same reaction. Only she looked up at me that first morning with a skeptical eye promptly turned and landed herself down with a thump in the air of not moving ’til that white stuff has gone.

  5. I hope they weathered the cold the last couple of days. You might have to bring them into the house with you!


  6. Great picture! I can see the question marks floating above their heads.

  7. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas all… thanks for your comments.
    Ed- I can’t imagine how cold and snowy it is up there… it was zero this morning here so I hope you’re staying warm. Thanks…
    Sage- I hope it missed you, but I doubt it. Even colder up there I imagine! Ah, I didn’t realize Vince’s words until he reminded us… but makes sense the sub density was greater from the west on transiting ships. As if most of those folks had a choice…
    Mark- They stood there forever it seemed like, so I went around and packed the snow down a little, brought a heated dog watering bowl out and scattered some scratch for them. Took a day, but they’re tiptoeing through it now :)
    Vincent- Imagine those in the North Atlantic had some definite opinions as well… My labrador has the opposite problem, and seems to think snow was created for his personal pleasure- romping, eating and who knows what else…
    Randall- I don’t know how they do it… but they’re going to have to keep doing it! They seem fine, and I still get the eggs and haven’t had a frozen one yet. There’s a light bulb left on for them inside…
    Kathleen- Thanks! We could use a little of your Texas sunshine about now… :)

  8. yay, you’re back!

    yeah, the chooks aren’t very impressed with snow, i’ve noticed. maybe they need little snow booties to keep their tootsies warm.

  9. Oh, I love this picture and wish I could have chickens here.

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