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December 31st, 2006

This is a quiet and comforting place, our few acres in the northern Ozark highlands of Missouri.  We share the sights and sounds of nature, the trees, the water, the wildlife-  the ramblings words of a father, and a young boy… one who loves to run in circles chasing the yellow lab and the cats, exploring nature… being outdoors, and finding just the right wooden stick to carry with him.

Greetings- my name is Beau.  I began writing here in 2006, and have been sharing stories on and off for many years, blessed by guest visitors who stopped by to share their thoughts and stories too.   I took a break for quite a long time, starting a new life once again.  But we’re still here… with the flowers, trees, gardens and animals… all the abundance of the natural world.

There are still so many stories to spark the imagination, the dreams and the joy we all share with the world around us.  Fox Haven will always be part of our story, both for those who have come before us, and for those who continue this wonderous journey in the years to come.  Welcome!

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