When Is It Enough?

December 10th, 2008

Working on a few projects and finding it a little difficult to summon creative energy this week.  Maybe it’s the confluence of the holidays, school and everything that comes along with it.   The young one is home sick today.  I’m a little sick today as well, but not quite for the same reasons.  I must apologize in advance- this post is a little bit of a downer.   So instead of my usually sincere look at the wonderful world we live in, I will share a few thoughts about politicians.

My thoughts center on reading about people- elected officials and unelected bureaucrats primarily, who break the great trust placed in them to fulfill positions of leadership and service.  I’ve made it a point to avoid political discussion on this site, but I have to say that sometimes, the news we read- and the scale of corruption at times is so… disappointing, to say the least.  Not that it should be news perhaps, since many people believe government officials are prone to corruption.

In the past, I have tried not to follow politics very much, yet it has become a spectator sport in recent years.  I will say that at times I now take a very careful look at where people stand in terms of their views of America, the economy, supporting our military and even our heritage and traditions.  There are too many people that only have selfish goals in mind when they decide to go into politics.  Or they seemingly want to “reshape” the country into something else… something they think it should look like, without consideration for the Constitution and the rights of all American citizens.  Even for the most diehard idealists (company I find myself keeping at times), it’s hard not to grow a bit cynical over the years watching the political circus that takes place around the country.

Yet with that being said-  at some level I would still like to think, or hope, or believe that most of our elected leaders, beyond all the glad-handing, baby-kissing and cocktail parties with lobbyists, will take their jobs- and their charter of service to the people- seriously enough to avoid breaking the law.   Unfortunately, in recent years, as the truth and scope of events are not coming out- it would seem the opposite is closer to the truth.

I mean, come on- when is it enough?  When is the power, the money, the prestige… when is it all enough?   Apparently that’s a question that too many officials and bureaucrats never really considered before.   We need to keep a closer watch on government, and take a good look at where we stand.  And more importantly, we need to excercise the right, the privilege, and I believe- the obligation of every Citizen to Vote.

Moonlit Dreams

December 3rd, 2008

How often do we really see the moon?  Pieces of it, here and there throughout the year.  Maybe the occasional full moon night, with the landscape painted in shadows?  Magical… at least when I remember to stop and savor such moments.  Tonight was more subtle, with the moonlight reflected off the water of the pond.  But it caught me, and there’s something about it, with the wind blowing and the shimmer of light on the water- my thoughts drift far away.  I can almost imagine a warm moonlit beach… 

 Moonlit December Night

…and then I come to my senses- I’m freezing and it’s 24 degrees out here!  

Light and Shadows of Trees

November 26th, 2008

Sometimes the sun and the clouds and the trees and the wind and the water and the shadows and light are just… beautiful.  I was working outside the barn, enjoying the day and busy with my hands and thoughts.  Time for a break and a walk to enjoy some fresh air, watching the sunlight dance on the water.  This isn’t a view that can be seen in the summer.  The leaves are gone from the trees and it’s different now.  Sometimes trees just seem like trees, until we see them in a different light.  And then they come alive, bright and inspiring, or are revealed as shapely shadows.  We get used to things a certain way, and then comes change.  I’m always amazed at what change teaches us.  There’s always another way to see things.  We have much to be thankful for.

 Shadows and Light

Soulful Thoughts

November 13th, 2008

Under covers today, hiding in dark comfort with chills, coughing and aches that came from nowhere.  Emerged briefly, up to shepard the boy upon his goings and comings.  Briefly again, grateful to take soup through the door… that warm elixir that soothes the body when all else cannot.  And then as days like this go, we almost feel human later on.  It’s leaf pile time, and the boy’s spirit is soaring.  I laugh and watch and smile, then helping him rake a bit to make the pile bigger.  He jumps and rolls and shouts with glee, the dogs joining in, and I stagger slowly back toward the house, not so sure about the feeling human part yet. My body hasn’t quite made up its mind.  Ah, but the evening is beautiful, and my soul is alive.

Autumn evening in Missouri, raking leaves

Autumn Change

October 31st, 2008

Beacon of color,
A Maple, standing alone-
Change in the forest.

Maple in Autumn in Missouri

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