Light, Color and Trees

January 13th, 2008

Every season offers it’s gifts and the colors that come with the changing light of the day.  Even the trees, bare without leaves for shade and cover, show a rugged structure that may last for hundreds of years.   Most of these trees will still be here long after I am gone.  And the light and color will come again. 

Trees and color of sunset in winter

Bald Eagles and Sunsets

January 10th, 2008

Back to normal winter cold, but yesterday was full of surprises.  Mostly involving trying to get things done around the house, and too many errands.  A few groups of Canada Geese have been hanging around the pond early in the morning… I don’t know when they fly in, but it must be before dawn. I enjoy looking at them from afar, but as I wrote last year I’m not a big fan of having them on the pond.   So I’ll walk around the pond with the dog and they fly off usually.  I was surprised to see them eating acorns though.  So much water ran off the slopes that many little acorns were floating among the grass at the water’s edge, and the geese were gobbling them up as they paddled around.

 Canada Geese on pond

I was driving past a neighbor’s property down the hill, and out in the middle of the pasture was a Bald Eagle!  We don’t see them around here very often, but it was dining on some carrion- probably a deer.   The Bald Eagle is a majestic bird, but many people don’t think of it as a scavenger, which it is as much as a carnivore.  Although they normally eat fish, they are opportunists as much as any other species of wildlife and will eat whatever is available.

 Bald Eagle feeding on deer carrion in Missouri

I took some long distance pictures with the telephoto lens, and after picking up the young boy off the bus, I drove down the hill to show him the eagle- and now there was an immature Bald Eagle (no white head/tail) feeding at the same site.  I guess the family was traveling together!  It flew off after I stopped the truck a couple hundred yards away.

Immature Bald Eagle

I’ll never forget some 20+ years ago while I worked as a wildlife research assistant, I watched two immature Bald Eagles flying together for an hour, spinning, flipping, circling each other, briefly locking talons, flying away and coming back to each other time after time…. seemed like they were exhibiting spring mating behavior, or just practicing maybe.   Just beautiful to watch though.

At the end of the day we were treated to a beautiful sunset.  The light turned orange and pink, and rippled across the sky and clouds.  Last month the sunset was much further to the west-northwest, and now is moving slowly back south. I’m all for that as the northern hemisphere begins its slow journey to warm up again!

Sunset at Fox Haven in January


December Sunset in Missouri

December 12th, 2007

Sunset in December in Missouri © Fox Haven Media 2007

“Suppose this sunset, this moonrise, this symphony, this buttered toast, this sleeping child… suppose you would never experience these things again! Few things are commonplace in themselves. It’s our reaction to them that grows dull.” Arthur Gordon


Autumn Sunset

November 12th, 2007

     We reached the peak of color for the trees over the past week, and the afternoons were warm, bright and beautiful.  It is days like this that we treasure and take with us into the long, cold winter as we await the spring. 

Autumn sunset in Missouri

Changing Colors of Leaves and Sky

October 17th, 2007

     Another windy day, with a little rain and cooler weather.  And yes, the leaves are most definitely changing from day to day.  Here’s a branch of a Red Oak tree this morning- I love how the leaves begin changing color at different places on the branch, with green leaves mixed in between.  Sometimes the entire tree will blaze with red or orange brown colors.

Red Oak leaves in Autumn

I couldn’t resist another sunset picture of the sky the other evening.  It seems like fall and winter offer the most beautiful sunsets, or is it just that the path of the sun through the sky is different now, and as it sets earlier in the day we notice it more? 

Pink sky in October

Princess the Cat loves exploring around the house and barn.  After healing from breaking her foot this summer (really it was all her little toes!) she is none the worse for wear.  She “meowwls” to get outside and explore with her brother Sparky.  She’s the wary one and an excellent hunter.  He seems to enjoy chasing grasshoppers and lying on the window sill!  And yes, they have bells on their collars, which is a whole different story.

Princess the Cat

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