Winter Labors On

February 26th, 2008

Winter has a firm grip in our area with snow and cold weather continuing. And looking ahead the next few weeks may keep us colder than normal. I was walking around this morning looking for the telltale daffodils poking up through the ground. Last year they were up about 2 inches by now, but there’s none to be seen as yet. Which is actually a good thing… the plants and flowers bloomed so early last year that they were nipped by the frost. Perhaps this year we’ll avoid the frost and see some more flowers and fruits.

Even the squirrels are hungry as winter labors on. This young Fox Squirrel came near the bird feeder to nibble on sunflower seeds. I wonder if its food stores are low? And these are not park squirrels; They’re quite wary of human or other animal presence. It’s actually the first one I’ve seen within several hundred yards of the house in two winters- they usually stay further away because our dogs and cats are about. But the pets were inside for much of the day and the squirrel seized the moment!

Fox squirrel in Missouri

Bluestem Around the Pond

February 24th, 2008

I’ve taken pictures of Bluestem before, but I really appreciate the color against the snow.  In the past I’ve cut the grass around the pond in late summer to keep it trimmed looking.  This year, I cut more carefully and allowed the Little Bluestem to really grow.  Turned out to offer beautiful color to the landscape as well as erosion prevention.  I don’t know how agressive Bluestem grass is, but it seems to grow very well here.  If it helps stablize the pond bank then that is another plus.  Somehow I just enjoy it’s natural look.

Little Bluestem grass growing around the edge of the pond

We’ve enjoyed some new snow this morning, but the temperatures are rising fast.  Time to clean up some woody debris around the property, but everything is by hand.  It’s just too wet and muddy to drive any kind of equipment around the landscape.  We’re about 2.5 inches ahead of our average rainfall by this time of year.  That’s good, and maybe it will keep us ahead of the dry weather going into summer!

Warm Fire in the Morning

February 13th, 2008

Warm winter fire


Pretty darn cold out there… nothing like a warm fire to help start the day.


Snowy Fun in Winter

February 1st, 2008

We awoke to a snowy landscape, and one of those quiet days when it’s nice to enjoy being at home.  After a big breakfast, I spent a couple hours outside clearing the driveway with the tractor.   With enough wind, we have drifts at various places in the driveway, and I’m thankful the tractor really clears the snow.  As the sun came out came out, we bundled up to enjoy some fun in the snow.

The Yellow Lab had some fun of his own… he loves the snow and ran around in circles as fast as he could, and then ran again for hundreds of yards kicking up the snow.  He was smiling the whole time!

Yellow lab running in the snow

“Look at me!” the boy says, enjoying the powdery snow. We pulled a sled around the property trying out the hills.

Fun in the snow for a young boy

But fresh snow is always good for a snow angel!

Snow Angel

Our Labrador Retriever “pup” is so goofy… and look at him jump!  He leaps into the air and goes crazy chasing snowballs.  Now when you throw a snowball and it lands, well… in the snow, it’s kind of hard to find!  But the dog doesn’t know that- he tries to catch it, then runs in circles looking for it after it squishes into powder!  It’s so funny…

Yellow Lab jumps after snowball in winter

The Basset Hound and Shiba Inu watched the Labrador jumping after snowballs, wondering “What is he doing?!  Do they really taste that good?!”

Basset Hound and Shiba Inu watch the crazy Labrador

There’s something about sunlight and shadows on the snow.  It was a fun day and the landscape was beautiful.

Winter afternoon

Light, Color and Trees

January 13th, 2008

Every season offers it’s gifts and the colors that come with the changing light of the day.  Even the trees, bare without leaves for shade and cover, show a rugged structure that may last for hundreds of years.   Most of these trees will still be here long after I am gone.  And the light and color will come again. 

Trees and color of sunset in winter

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