Brrrrr! The Ice is Back

December 9th, 2007

     In the midst of the second ice storm for the year… the first came in January last winter, and now this week.  Who knew we would have such doings before winter once again has come!?  Strange combination of lots of rain and temperatures around the freezing point.  It’s actually very beautiful… it looks like an icicle paradise everywhere.  But it takes it’s toll on the plants and trees- many lose branches, and even break apart under the weight of ice.  Which of course isn’t good for the power lines… We lost electric power for half the day and went to town for lunch and extra stuff.  But the fire is going and the power’s back on for now- yippee!  I remember writing about the storm in January…  it took some time before I got the generator running, but it’s great to have when you need it. This storm is forecast to last a few days-  so let’s hope everybody stays warm.

Ice storm in December

Harmony of the Seasons

March 18th, 2007

Yesterday we had a brief interlude of snow in mid-March.  Missouri has snow as late as April some years, with brief freezing periods.  Yet they are brief indeed, as the daytime temperatures warm the trees and plants with the coming of Spring.  By the end of this week the weather will be warm with temperatures around 70 degrees F.   The leaves are beginning to emerge from buds and the grass is becoming greener.  But yesterday was nice… the snow lasted just a few hours and gave a brief remembrance to the recent winter.  

March snow reminds us of the winter past

Perhaps it allows a letting go of that cold season as we begin another, and life emerges all around us.

Snowy Daffodils in March

  There is beauty in every day, and sometimes it’s nice to see a tangible reminder of what was, and will be.  The daffodils with garlands of snow bring the harmony of the seasons together.

Shadows and Light

February 7th, 2007

Yesterday was one of those magical days… an interlude to the winter gray and cold.  For a brief day we warmed up to almost 50 degrees F.    The sun was out, the snow began to melt, the animals slept quietly in the grass… and all was shadow and light.  It is early yet, but I saw glimpses of Spring… Daffodil stems about an inch out of the ground, buds slightly thicker on tree limbs, and a lonely moth flying around in the sun.  The pond began to thaw, quickly…

Snow on Pond in February

Shadows and Light during thaw of pond

The first photograph was taken about 10:00 am, and just a few hours later… The second photo shows a liquid layer on top of ice with multiple shadows of trees.  The mix of shades, colors and reflections are mesmerizing.

˜Ole Man Basset Hound

And there’s the Basset Hound surveying his domain…  He’s the “old man” of Fox Haven.

New Winter Day

January 16th, 2007

Ah… the electricity came back on late last night. Convenience is a wonderful thing.  A new day dawns… I know it’s cold when steam rises from the pond in winter. Temperature 7 F/ -14C.

Winter Pond

More Ice Pictures…

January 14th, 2007

Wow… the freezing rain just doubled the ice overnight it seems.  It was quiet this morning walking outside… except for the crash! of tree brances in the distance, falling with the weight of ice.  The big Ash tree lost a giant limb…. Power has been on and off… coffee cups on the woodstove and thank goodness for the old propane stove in the basement- we still had a warm breakfast.  The lineman and power company employees are working overtime…  they get little credit it seems, but I so appreciate their dedication.  Here’s a few more pictures…

Japanese Maple in ice…

Japanese Maple

Field grass or Bluestem “sculpture”  – I like that one

Field Grass

Broken Ash branch

Broken Ash

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